Sunday, October 13, 2013

Twister Jack

Today has been a pretty slow and lazy day at our house.  I guess I was exhausted because I went to bed at 10 Saturday night and didn't wake up till 9 this morning.  Since my back wasn't aching and I didn't feel crippled from being in bed that long, I guess I needed the rest.  Still with this dog gone sore throat - I had hoped all that extra sleep would have chased it away, but nothing is ever that easy I guess.

Once I got a sufficient amount of coffee in me, I made us a nice brunch and we sat around and read the paper and took it easy.  Finally I did decide it was time to shower and dress and take care of the last load of laundry - all good laziness must come to an end.

Then I headed into my sewing room to tackle the project that I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do.  Yesterday I talked about the twister tool and the Jack O Lantern pattern.  I'm making the small version that uses 2 1/2 inch squares, then when you use the twister tool the squares are 1 inch and when finished the wall hanging is about 14 inches square.  Well I wasn't sure if the whole cutting process and then the tiny blocks were going to work for me.  I also wondered if I'd go blind trying to work with them.  Neither has happened.

Here is the pattern:

Isn't he cute!!  Here is what he looks like with just the first row cut out using the twisty tool:

You can see the pumpkin face at this angle for sure, but not as cute as what he'll turn into.  Here is the first row cut out into tiny 1 inch squares:

Here is the twisty tool and the tiny rotary cutter that has to be used to do the cutting:

What I'm saying here is it's a fun pattern and it's going to be so cute when done, but I will NEVER make one this small again.  They have a twisty tool for use with 5 inch squares, that I believe is more my speed and I will probably do one using that next time.

I read a lot of blogs and one on them - of course you know I can't remember who so I can give them credit, posted about a liquid starch that you mix with water.  It's called Sta Flo.  I got mine at Walmart for $1.97 and as you can see it's a good sized jug:

No dyes, no scents and wow does it crisp up your fabric.  I spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes and then take my hot steam iron to it.  I LOVE it.  I mix it half water, half starch and it's perfect.  And a lot cheaper than the other products out there that I just don't think starch that well.  Oh and it doesn't leave a residue either.  Give it a try if you get a chance - if you don't like it, you're not out a lot of money!!

So that's my Sunday, not super productive, but fun.  Tomorrow I get a haircut and I'm pretty shaggy and in need of one.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Joanna Jenkins said...

This looks like a really cute pattern but i yiyi-- small squares! Good for you. Can't wait to see it complete!

Hope you've knocked out that sore throat by now. I'm still battling a nasty cold. Tis the season, I guess.

Hang in there, xo jj

Jennifer said...

Wow, Tammy - it is a fun project, but those squares are really teeny! The starch looks interesting, I haven't seen anything like it here.

Candace said...

Hi Tammy! I wondered how you were going to like that tiny square! I think you'll be happy with it when it's all done, though! I just love the fabrics you're using, too! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Lady of the Cloth said...

Cute pumpkin, I bought the twister template a while back but haven't tried it yet. Lazy must be in the air, I had a cortisone shot right under my shoulder blade and have been on heat since Friday. Ouch. I hope your sore throat feels better soon.