Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A New Pot

Yesterday I went out to Macy's with one thing in mind, a new 6qt enameled cast iron pot from the Martha Stewart collection in a gorgeous green.  I also have a very specific use for this gorgeous pot in mind.  Simply So Good Crusty Bread.  Simple is the word here, you mix it, let it sit for 12 to 18 hours, then mold it into a ball, then put it in a heated cast iron pot and boom - you've got bread.  My girlfriend Robyn turned me onto this recipe and she had this pot and wouldn't let me sneak it out of her house, hmmmm, what kind of friend won't let you steal her coveted green pot (she loves green too).

Here is my gorgeous new pot, that was I should add, 40% off!!

And here is my dough in the bowl, doing it's thing and ready to bake around 11am tomorrow:

While we were gone, I added to my Ugg collection.  I swear once you wear Ugg Boots, you never go back, they are so warm and cozy and yet my feet (which are always hot) never sweat or get to hot in them.  Last year I bought the black ones, this year I added grey to my collection.  They also come in Pink and Purple and sparkly and on and on it goes.  I'm thinking the purple sound awfully fun.........  maybe next year:

Here are my new Uggs:

I always make a trip to the wonderful quilt shop in Cannon Beach - Center Diamond and this year while I was there purchasing fabric I spotted the coolest little tool and so I brought it home with me.  It's a seam ripper, but the lid of it has a rubber grip stuff that you run over the seams you ripped and they come right out, no more picking - hallelujah.

We also went to our favorite potter in Cannon Beach to purchase some more glasses (we've got plenty of mugs so now we are on to glasses) and I wanted one of his spoon rests.  He didn't have one in green, but I really liked this one so I made an exception.

It looks nice on my black stove top.

I also went to the JoAnn's in Astoria and got a couple of things, while I was there I saw this and thought our Grandson would get a good giggle from it, so it came home with us for the Christmas package:

Pull his tail and a brown jelly bean comes out.  Just what every 11 year old  boy needs, right.

I'm working on the last 4 months of my Stroll Around the Block applique quilt and it's really taking shape.  Once I get them done I'll share all the months with you.  I took it on our trip and really got into it again after a couple years of setting it aside. 

In my last post I was bemoaning whether or not to decorate for Christmas.  Well I've got the spirit and I will be decorating.  I don't know how much but for certain my Grandma's Santa collection and some snowmen will come out for the holidays.

Check out that bread recipe and give it a try.  I think it might be the go to baked gift from yours truly this year.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

I'm glad to hear you'll be setting out your Santas!

Love the green pot! Is it as heavy as Le Creuset? I'm looking forward to hearing your review on the bread. It sounds yummy!

Jennifer said...

Tammy, an 11-year old boy would love that - take it from me! That is such a gorgeous pot,and your new boots look so warm and cosy.