Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Angels and MRI's and Dental Work

This has been quite the week for us.  We started Monday out with me getting a post implanted for my tooth implant.  It was supposed to take an hour, took almost 2.  Mouth started waking up 3/4's of the way through, so OUCH, more numbing stuff and all was fine.......................until it totally wore off that night around midnight.  The pain was horrible and the drugs weren't helping much.  I had a miserable night to say the least, a bad headache and an upset stomach from the drugs and a swollen cheek that looked like I was storing nuts for the winter.

It still hurts, but not like it did Monday night.  I'm still swollen and bruised (at least you can't see evidence of the bruising).

So Tuesday while I laid around in misery and slept a lot, CR had an appointment for an MRI for his back.  He's been in a lot of pain and an x-ray showed that there are some problems that required an MRI for a better look so we could get a path forward on how to treat the problem.  Well, his pain is bad and he couldn't lay on that darn hard table to have an MRI done.  He came home frustrated.  The doctor called in a prescription for pain meds and rescheduled his MRI for today and luckily he was able to tolerate laying there long enough to get the pictures.  Now we are waiting to get him into the doctor and that might not be till mid-January.  Not what we wanted to hear, but whatcha ya gonna do, right.

On the way home I asked CR to stop by a favorite little local shop called Gadgets and Goodies.  They have all sorts of gifts and kitchen things and fun stuff.  I wanted to get some more coarse sugar for biscotti making.  While we were there we took a look at the Jim Shore Angels and CR bought me this one:

Isn't she beautiful and I love the birds in her hands and the woodland animals around her.  Sadly the little shop is closing up in January.  The owner has had some health issues that made her evaluate what she was doing and spending more time with family was her decided priority.  I sure think that it's a good decision for her as owning a business is quite time consuming and exhausting. 

It's been warm, relatively speaking, around here (43 today).  However, the grey skies are a bit depressing - ah heck, it's winter.  Only 3 more days till the shortest day of the year and then our days start getting longer again.  The weather man says we might get snow on Friday, we shall see.  The temps are supposed to turn colder again.

Christmas is just 7 days away and the New Year around the corner.  Time sure flies the older I get.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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