Thursday, December 19, 2013


Looking through the last few posts I realized that I didn't share a very special gift that was sent to me from my Aunties in North Carolina.  They know how much I LOVE Jim Shore and they found this adorable  bird house for me.  I was so thrilled when I opened it because I've not seen anything like this of Jim Shore's around our area - and trust me I drool over all things Jim Shore - especially his angels, but really there isn't a thing of his that I don't like.  I'm going to hang it - well I'm going to have CR hang it, in my sewing room so I can enjoy it while I sew. 

Let the drooling commence:

Isn't it gorgeous.  And so sweet of the Aunties to remember how much I love JS and find this special piece for me. 

I've been on a dose of hydrocodone for my implant pain, luckily today is better so I'm not taking it, but I get the worst headaches from this pain med (and I don't sleep well) and it seems to take forever for the headache to go away even after I quit taking the meds. 

Do pain meds bother you??  The other option which is the generic for Percocet makes me scratch till I bleed and I was told I'm allergic to it.  I sure don't get how people become addicted to this stuff, it just makes me miserable and I only do it to get past the worst pain.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Carline said...

I haven't met a pain med that I didn't have a reaction to. Itching, nausea, headaches, or just plain knocking me out and leaving a terrible hangover. I hate them all! I took only one after my eye surgery, some non-narcotic one I have never taken before and I passed out and fell on the bathroom tile face first. I have the knot on my head to prove it. I am with you, how can people take these things when the side affects are so awful. I hope you feel better soon.

Jennifer said...

Makes you wonder how some people can take this stuff for pleasure, doesn't it? Love love love your bird house, it's so cute!

Candace said...

What an adorable bird house, Tammy! Did you know the jeweler here in town carries Jim Shore? Next time you come over we'll take a look! Hope you feel better soon!