Sunday, December 1, 2013

Home Ahead of the Storm


We just arrived home today from the Oregon Coast - Cannon Beach, where we enjoyed our 30th Thanksgiving there.  We were scheduled to depart on Tuesday, December 3rd, however after nothing but warm weather and sunny skies, the weather was making a big change.  Cold temps and snow are coming our way with an Artic chill to them and since we don't pull the 5th wheel on bad roads, we figured we better head for home early.  So Saturday morning we left the coast and camped in Portland for the night.  We did this so we could see our wonderful friends - Robyn and Gerald.  We had a lovely visit with them and that table topper in my last post was delivered to Robyn and she loved it!!  Today we came the rest of the way home.  There was a lot of traffic and yet we didn't encounter any idiots on the roadways which was a huge relief.  The only issue we had was our cats, they decided they weren't up for traveling today so to let us know they howled in unison most of the way home.  It was a treat - NOT.  I wish I had tons of pictures to share with you, but alas I didn't take my camera out of it's bag this time.  We just enjoyed the moment and have the memories all to ourselves.

And now the craziness of the Christmas season is upon us.  I have to tell you I don't like shopping during this time of year.  Luckily we don't have much to buy and what we need to get, we don't have to go to the mall for, hooray!!

I'm in a quandary this year - to decorate or not to decorate, that is the question or quandary as it were.  I don't put up a tree because I have one silly cat who thinks it's something for him to play in, so do I put out some decorations or do I just save the effort and time?  Please feel free to weigh in!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

I'm glad you got home safely before the bad weather hit.

I can't imagine you not putting out any decorations! Don't you have a Santa collection?

Jennifer said...

How about some smaller decorations? We don't put up a big tree, I have a small collection of tabletop trees instead - so each table has its own tree, and its own theme.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Welcome home. I am glad you had a nice time at the coast.
We are on the same wave length as to decorating. We don't have anyone coming home for Christmas and hubby is a grinch so I just decorated the living room a little bit. I have a little artificial tree that is "pre-decorated and a few mantle things and called it good. I used to go all out, but that was when I had parties, big Christmas day festivities and kids were all at home. They live too far to come home this year.

I do know that when it comes time to clean it up, I will be glad.

The one thing I will do is a baking day as I like to have cookies and treats to give friends and neighbors.