Saturday, December 7, 2013

Just a Little Decorating

At first I wasn't going to decorate for Christmas.  After all it's just myself and CR.  Decorating is a lot of work and CR said that he didn't care if I did or didn't decorate this year.  So I figured I was off the hook.  But then I got to thinking I should put a few things out and not be such a scrooge.  So I decided yesterday I'd put a couple things out.  Once I got into it, got all the stuff out, started playing Christmas music and remembered how cute my decorations are and how much I love them - well, it threw up Christmas in this house.  We don't do a tree (cats), but you can't mistake what time of year it is if you come over.

I made some winter themed slip covers for pillows around the house
Grandma's Santa Collection

My Jim Shore Christmas Angels - I love my Jim Shore Angels

Santa Quilt and a Snowman pillow a friend embroidered for me a few years ago

I also LOVE Snowmen

More Snowmen

A few more Santa's that I've collected

More winter pillow slip covers and snowmen and Santa bears
I seriously didn't mean to put so much out, but it looks nice and festive and it makes me happy, so it's all good.  And sadly, I have a lot more stuff that I could have put out.  I think I need to weed through my decorations - I don't have enough house for it all and I refuse to decorate a bathroom!!

While we were at the beach (which is covered in snow today), we went to the Maritime Museum in Astoria, OR.  We just love that place and in the gift shop I found this photo of an Oregon Coast light house on the cliff covered in the fog and mist.  So I bought a frame and here it is:

I also found a card that a local artist did of Tillamook Head Lighthouse (my very favorite light house along with the light house at Cape Hatteras, NC).  I thought it was beautiful and while only a 5x7 card, I put it in a frame also:

This past Thursday we met up with Candace and Bob from Squash House Quilts and had lunch at Great Harvest Bread Co.  They were giving out samples of Eggnog Bread and Candace and I got to talking about recipes using Eggnog.  I was so glad she let me know they'd be in town (they live an hour to the east of us), CR and I really enjoy their company!!  I sent her a couple of links to an Eggnog Pound Cake and Eggnog Cookies and she sent me a link to Eggnog Bread.  So I baked up some eggnog bread and it was delish (I didn't frost mine).  For dinner I made a baked potato soup.  CR had a good day with all the yummy smells and then getting to eat it all as well.  If you're interested in the Baked Potato Soup recipe - just let me know I'd love to share it.  It's super easy to make too!!

So what are you up to this weekend??  It is really cold here so we are staying inside.  I'm going to vacuum and mop and then bake a Cherry Almond and Gingerbread biscotti.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


black bear cabin said...

i love that your decorations inspired you...i have to admit, some times i dread dragging all that stuff out, but it really is lovely when its done. its sooo dark up here in the winter months living in a canyon, that the tree with lights really brightens my spirits :) im a snow man fan i love all your snowmen!

i found an eggnog bread recipe ive been meaning to try..think it would work with silk nog?

perhaps ill give it a try this afternoon!
hugs and stay warm!

Candace said...

Well, I am definitely surprised, Tammy! You actually did decorate! Yay! It does look festive and with all that baking it smells darned good! We are so glad you were able to make it to lunch, too! I'm doing some holiday cooky baking this weekend - and trying to stay WARM!

Jennifer said...

Your house looks great - so seasonal, and it sure gets you in the Christmas mood doesn't it! Would you believe I have one of your Jim Shore angels, the one on the right holding a star, and her name is Flossie.....don't ask me why, I just thought it suited her! I would love the baked potato soup recipe, it sounds really good - not so much for now, but for next winter here.

Jackie said...

I had a feeling you'd decorate and I'm so glad you did! I'm the same way about bathrooms.

How wonderful to spend some time with Candace. She has always seemed like such a sweet blogger!

Lady of the Cloth said...

I started out like you, not wanting to decorate but then put up a few things too. I have a small Santa collection and enjoyed seeing yours too.
I would love the recipe for the potato soup. I love winter because a big pot of soup just hits the spot. You can't get away with that in the summer.

I have been housebound for a week now. Snow and ice. We aren't used to this kind of weather on the West side of the state!