Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maddie's Merry Christmas

Ah the day after Christmas and we are moving slow and feeling lazy.  I hope you all had a wonderful day.  It was, like usual, just the two of us and it was wonderful.  We opened presents on Christmas morning and then I made brunch.  I had a new pair of pj's to put on after my shower - the top of the pj's said Naughty and the pants said naughty/nice.  Cute and Comfy.  We cooked a yummy turkey breast and the dressing I talked about in another blog post.  So delish!

Now Maddie would like to share her Christmas - she loves the holiday.  She always gets a present or two and we have to put them up high or she will open them before the big day. 

Opening up her Christmas Dolly

Chanceman watching her like "what the heck is this darn dog up to"

Dolly revealed, now where is that squeaker.................

Now that all her presents are open, it's time to help others

Present retrieved, so now it's time to shred the paper - oh how we love to shred wrapping paper

Now that all the presents are open, Maddie finds herself exhausted

Time for a winter nap, we've had our presents, we've shredded paper, we've had some treats and our Christmas Bully Stick, the day is complete, well the morning is complete, we might get a treat or two later!!

Maddie really enjoyed Christmas and she hopes all of you enjoyed it as much as she did.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,
Tam (Maddie's Mom)

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Candace said...

Gosh - it sounds like you all had the perfect Christmas! Maddie is so adorable!
Happy New Year!