Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shortest Day of the Year

I'm always glad when this day rolls around.  It means that now the days will gradually start getting longer with more daylight and less darkness.  We've had some cold weather so far, but at least we've seen lots of sunshine and that has made the short days a bit easier.  We even had a touch of snow on Friday, only that it melted that afternoon, which isn't all bad!!

Today I cleaned house and did the floors and now I'm done and ready for the holiday.  We aren't doing much of anything, but it's nice to have the house fresh and clean (of course I clean every week, so I guess I didn't do anything special did I).

Tomorrow I'm trying out a new recipe for Broccoli Cheddar soup.  I hope it's as good as it sounds.  We met our friends the Debatista's for lunch a couple of weeks ago and the place we ate at had the most delicious Broccoli Cheddar soup - I've been craving it ever since.  I'm also going to make a loaf of the easy to make Crusty Bread I told you about a while back.

I captured a picture of Scotchie today that was so cute.  He loves to sit in Cliff's lap and get his tummy rubbed, his eyes will role in back of his head and you'd think he was on drugs.

My implant area is doing quite well and the need for any pain meds is behind me now.  Tomorrow is the last of the antibiotics - I'm a new person I tell ya.  CR on the other hand is taking pain meds for his back.  He hurts so bad it's hard to get comfortable.  Sadly he won't be seeing the specialist till Jan 13th and they don't have a waiting list for cancellations so no answers or solutions till then for him.  We try to minimize what we do so he doesn't have to walk much and I have him pushing the cart in all stores if they have a cart (I remember this trick from when my hip was so bad - it really does help).

My friend Carline suggested an Eleanor Burns pattern when I posted about looking for a Tree Wall Hanging.  It arrived this week and was signed by the lady herself.  I LOVE Eleanor Burns, so it's a thrill to have a signed pattern of hers.

I also follow a blog called Pots and Pins and in her post today she talked about using a pastry cloth.  Well I'd never heard of one, but I liked what I read about it, so I went out and got myself one.

While I was at Gadgets and Goodies for the pastry cloth, the owner was showing this man a chopper device that was really good at chopping and so easy on the hands.  Well I have such bad arthritis and I hate to use my food processor (cleaning it is a pain in the butt), so I picked myself up this handy and easy chopper.  It does onions, nuts, you name it................

And then there were sampling this DECADENT hot chocolate, ugh, guess who doesn't need it, but came home with some anyhow..................

CR and I love mint chocolate, so I think we'll enjoy a bit of this - perhaps for dessert.

So there you have it.  We are all spruced up and ready for the holiday.  Christmas Eve a friend is coming over and we are having Baked Potato Soup and Crusty Bread with rosemary and gruyere cheese in it.

For Christmas Day we are cooking a turkey breast and I'm making a ciabatta bread, Italian sausage and fennel dressing.  Simple, but I think it will be delicious.  Oh and lets not forget a Pumpkin Crunch desert - the stuff is so good it's hard to just eat one serving!!

And sometime in the next few days I have to make more Cherry Almond Biscotti.  I was talking to my Aunt Shirl this week and telling her about it.  I could hear her drool hit the floor over the phone, so I took the hint and told her I'd make some and send it to her and Aunt Jean after the holiday.

So how are your holiday plans coming together - are you ready??  Is anyone ever completely ready, or are we just ready enough to enjoy it and make the most of it.

Happy Stitches and Merry Christmas,


Jennifer said...

Those soups sound so good, even though it isn't soup weather here right now! What a great pic of Scotchie, give him a rub from me.

Candace said...

Gosh - I am drooling (and probably look like Scotchie does when getting a tummy rub) over all the delicious goodies, Tammy! Your Christmas eve dinner sounds just perfect!

Lady of the Cloth said...

I am glad you got the tree pattern, I really like that one. The one I saw at a show had tiny charms (from craft stores, in the scrapbooking dept) for ornaments.

I have done so much baking that I am just worn out. Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls and took them to neighbors while they were hot. Next year I am going to put our name on the list for goodies. Most went out the door!

I found a great recipe for a black bean chicken soup. I will send it after the holidays. Remind me!

You have a wonderful Christmas. Carline