Sunday, December 22, 2013

Soup and Carolers

What a lazy Sunday and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I baked crusty bread today.  I mistakenly used the whole wheat flour and was worried it might not turn out so well, but it turned out great and was delicious.  I also put together broccoli cheese soup and while not exactly like the restaurants soup I fell in love with, it was really good.

Yummy Crusty Bread
Broccoli Cheese Soup while it's still simmering

Broccoli Cheese soup once I took my immersion blender to it to break the broccoli
down and I added the cheese (white sharp cheddar and medium cheddar)
It was a hearty and delicious dinner on a cold night.  If anyone wants the soup recipe, let me know.  It was a recipe adapted from the food networks recipe and I can't find the darn link to save my soul.

Our neighbor is Ukrainian and he and his family and friends from Church were going to go out caroling and asked CR if they could stop by and carol for  us.  CR said sure - we've never had a group of carolers come to our door.  Well it was quite a gathering.  Our neighbor was playing guitar, they had an accordion player, a trumpet player and a sax player and many beautiful voices.  They sang a traditional English carol and then a Ukrainian carol in their native language.  Both were so beautiful and it was so much fun to have them stop by.  Our neighbors are just really wonderful and we get a kick out of their kids (in fact they call CR Grandpa and he doesn't mind at all).  We took some of my pumpkin chocolate chip bread to them and as the carolers were moving on Vadim's wife Yelena said that they all LOVED it.  So nice to hear.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.

What a wonderful way to end a very nice day.  I'll be saying the same thing tomorrow night too because I have a 3pm massage planned.  I need it after that darn oral surgery and sleepless night.  I think every square inch of my neck and shoulders and back are aching from that adventure.

So how was your weekend?  Are you off to work or are you taking some time off for the holiday?

Happy Stitches and Merry Christmas!!


Jennifer said...

That soup and bread sure look good! I will ask google for the recipe. Your visiting carollers must have been such fun, and a real taste of Christmas!

Jackie said...

The soup and bread look delicious!

We've never had carolers here either. Back in the day, we'd give them cookies when they visited.

I'm on my way to work - today and tomorrow and then I have a couple of days off. I'm looking forward to it!

black bear cabin said...

sounds like a very festive afternoon...and that soup looks very tasty! hope your holidays are wonderful! lots of hugs :)

Sweet Tea said...

Wow! Sounds like Carolers and an entire band. What fun!! Merry Christmas dear bloggy friend!