Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Strolling the Block in my New Slippers

Back in 2002, Jan Schmidt designed a Block of the Month quilt for HGTV and the Simply Quilts show with Alex Anderson.  My friend Kelly made this quilt, I fell in love with it and so I decided I  would try my hand at applique (this is the first applique I'd ever attempted).  I have picked it up and put it down many times over the years and for some reason I got the bug again to pick it up and finish it.  I had all but 4 of the 12 blocks done and the fabric just waiting for me to finish.  Now I can say I have all but the month of September done and I'm really excited about it.  I was going to wait till September was done, but just couldn't wait to show off my blocks.  I actually did show 8 of them off a while back (a while meaning a couple years ago).  What does all that strolling have to do with slippers - well Cliff bought me a pair of UGG slippers, hooray, no more hot sweaty feet and kicking my slippers off, then freezing feet!!

Ready to stroll:









No September - yet........



I do plan to blanket stitch over my applique - by machine, my hands couldn't possibly do it with the arthritis I have.  So the blocks aren't completely done, and of course I have to add the sashing (meaning I have to figure out a sashing fabric) and then I have to decide about the border.  Do I want a solid border or do I want to do the piano keys which is part of the original pattern - any thoughts?

I tried and tried and tried to find a link to the patterns on the HGTV website and man if it's there it is buried.  I did find a link for what the finished quilt looks like that someone else made (a couple of her blocks are different than the original pattern) and it is here.  I did fine the beginning video and other videos of the original show about this BOM and it might be useful - here.

Here is a version of the quilt that looks like the original pattern:
Here is what HGTV's Strolling the block quilt looks like...and to follow, what our quilt will look like!

My new UGG Slippers - in a lovely choc. brown colors so they won't show the coffee spills (wink)
Cliff and I both had appointments at the Ortho Doc's today.  I think I mentioned that he's not been moving very well lately.  They thought it was the hip so he got a cortisone shot in the hip before we left for the beach.  That helped the groin pain, but still he was having major problems.  Well today they x-rayed the back and by golly he's got some problems, so he's going to get an MRI and see if a series of epidurals will give him relief.

I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder (a yearly thing to keep it from hurting - thank you arthritis) and thought I'd be getting a thumb joint injection as well, however there was another option, a very light weight brace for taking some of the pressure off the thumb joint.  I jumped at the chance to give that a try for 4 weeks and see if the thumb joint pain would resolve itself.  Last time I got a cortisone injection in the thumb joint I had a couple of painful days and sleepless nights.  I'll do it if I have to, but if this brace will work, hooray for me, right!!

Monday I go to the dentist type of guy to begin the process of getting an implant for the huge gap where they pulled a tooth this summer.  I'm not looking forward to it, but I will be glad to have a tooth back.  I hope they give out good drugs because while I can handle a fair amount of pain, mouth pain is something I just don't tolerate well.

So what have you been up to - is your Christmas shopping done, are you baking or sewing gifts??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

I still have a fair amount of shopping to do but almost done with what we have to mail. I'm making one gift and it's done. Placemats for my brothers family.

You like coffee? :)

Jennifer said...

No baking or making gifts, not even much shopping......love that quilt, it's really fun!