Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Advice from a Trout

Odd post title, isn't it.  Well today, out of the clear blue, CR got a package from his brother.  I'd sent them an email (along with a lot of other people) to let them know the news of CR's PSA test, etc. and I thought it odd that we hadn't heard from them.  Yet, what do you say...........seems like all they or anyone hears from us tends to be bad medical news, so you start to wonder - does anyone even want to hear about it or know, would they rather we keep it to ourselves, are they as sick of the bad news as we are?  I know sometimes I think I'd rather not know, but that is just fear of the unknown talking and I'm not one to bury my head in the sand, so it's just a split second thought.

Anyhow, CR got a package with a wonderful note and the coolest t-shirt from his brother today.

Advice from a Trout.  Knowing how much CR enjoys fly fishing it's a perfect t-shirt with wise advice on it:  Show your true colors, Be a good catch, Don't be lured by shiny objects, Scale back, Cherish clean water, Know when to keep your mouth shut, and Don't give up without a fight!!

It truly touched CR and myself.  What a sweet and thoughtful gesture.  Sometimes it's hard to come up with the words to say when a family member is having problems and this said it all.

CR will be having an epidural tomorrow and we are so hopeful that it helps his back and gets him moving again and out of pain.  After the epidural we'll follow up with the doctor in 2 weeks to see where he's at and if need be schedule another epidural.  At least we can get this fixed and him out of pain!!

In the meantime, yesterday was a wonderful day - I received my replacement Kindle.

I love the Purple Origami case I purchased for it.  Darn UPS man made my house his last delivery stop yesterday - or that's how it felt as it didn't arrive till almost 6pm.  The wait killed me, not really, but I was excited to get it.

Today Maddie is at the groomers for her "Day of Beauty".  She was not thrilled, but it was time for a bath and a trim and she'll be just fine once she gets a treat for her torture (and rolls in the lawn preferably in something stinky).

I've been busy ironing fabric that I used in my house blocks so I can cut them into 3.5 x 6.5 inch blocks to make the piano key border.  Hoping to get busy cutting later today.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Candace said...

Great shirt and perfect saying, Tammy! We are keeping good thoughts and Karma for Cliff! LOVE your new Kindle case! I hope you get many hours of enjoyment from it!