Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas is Packed Away

Yesterday I packed Christmas away until next year - oh wait it is next year, so how about until December.  As predicted, CR and I didn't make it past 10:30, however I did wake up when local fireworks went off at midnight, I thought - well Happy New Year and rolled over and went back to sleep.  How exciting.

I did get wild and crazy and baked us a coconut cake for the New Year - the last hurrah before we stop eating for a while because we've eaten enough lately.

Yep, it's as good as it looks too.  But very rich, small pieces fill you up fast.

I also forgot to share another Jim Shore Angel I purchased after Christmas.  My favorite little local shop that sells wonderful things for the kitchen, gifts, etc is closing it's doors and having a big sale, so I picked this angel up for 20% off.

She's a bit different than my other angels, she's one of the taller ones he makes.  I also purchased some E-Cloths for cleaning.  I tested it out today cleaning bathrooms and I'm impressed.  We'll see how it tackles the kitchen before I know if I'm sold completely.  I will say this, they make a cleaning cloth for glasses and I'm totally sold on it.  I'm always having issues with smudges on my glasses and I'm a bit OCD about them being clean, which it felt like no matter what I did, they were never completely clean - until the E-Cloth.  Yep I'm singing it's praises.  They sell E-Cloths on Amazon too, just an FYI.

One little thing I did leave up is my little string of snowflake twinkle lights.  It's so grey and blah that they perk me up and add a little extra happy light to our gloomy winter days.

So did you go out for some New Years Eve festivities or were you home and either watching the ball drop of snoring the new year in??

I have a little request.  If you could send good thoughts or prayers the way of my good friend K tomorrow I'd sure appreciate it.  She's going to Seattle for tests and could really use the positive vibes and thoughts coming her way.  K - if you see this before tomorrow know that I'm praying for your safe travel and for good results - love ya girlfriend!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Sweet Tea said...

You had me at your photo of the beautiful coconut cake. That looks like a work of art! Happy New Year, friend!

Jennifer said...

What a pretty angel! That cake sure looks good too. Good idea to leave the snowflake lights up, they are very cheery! Please tell your friend K that I am thinking of her and hope all goes as well as it can.

Lady of the Cloth said...

I took my decorations down yesterday too and now I am getting the bedroom ready to paint. (How could so much dust get behind the furniture, especially that huge king sized bed) yuk,

The fog never lifted yesterday so I just tried to stay in and not look out.
My grandmother always baked a cake like that for my dad. I didn't like coconut when I was a kid, but sure love it now. Looks yummy.

Candace said...

Wow, does that cake look good! Great find on the angel, too! Where did you get the ecloths? They look pretty darn handy!