Friday, January 10, 2014

Dead Kindle

I love my Kindle, and this year when Amazon came out with a Kindle Fire HDX, well I couldn't say no.  I had a very early edition of Kindle, followed by the 1st generation of Kindle Fire and the HDX is by far the best Kindle to date.  I say best, but when I started it this morning, it died.  It had a full charge, so I tried rebooting it a couple of times and it just kept flashing a blank screen followed by a screen that said "kindle fire".  I knew that wasn't good.  So I got on with tech support. They had me do everything I told them I did, over again (frustration) and then told me, hmmm, well we'll send you a new one and here's the information and a shipping label to return the one that isn't working to us at no charge.  We wasted 30 minutes to come to that conclusion - that we could have come to in like 5 minutes - just sayin!!

My poor, dead, Kindle Fire HDX - rest in peace!!
I got a few things my friend Candace recommended to me for embroidery and I have to say she didn't steer me wrong.  She directed me to Crabapple Hill Studio where I was able to get the BEST embroidery hoop for my arthritic hands as well as some awesome needles

That spring loaded embroider hoop is the bomb diggity I tell ya.

I used the hoop and my new needles to create my latest tea towel:

I also purchased the cutest pair of frog salt and pepper shakers a few weeks ago and added them and a frog I found in North Carolina when visiting my Aunties a couple years ago, to my kitchen window.  Since my kitchen is green, I think they really add some character.

I love frogs and I have a large variety of them that are for the porch in the summer.  They just make me happy.

It's windy as all get out here today and it's only going to get worse with gusts up to 60mph, oh joy.  The temps are warmer, but with the big winds, it doesn't feel that warm.  This week we found the perfect thing to put up in my sewing room so I can finally hang my birdhouse that the Aunties sent me.  CR has the hardware to hang it and said he'd do it this weekend.  Speaking of CR, he is such a sweetie.  He's currently cleaning the oven after a bit of a disaster I had this week.  Isn't he a great guy.

My plans for the weekend are to sew, bake for my Aunties, ship my Kindle back, laundry, grocery shop and probably better do the floors after all the baking - my kitchen floor will have flour issues because I'm baking biscotti and I'm messy.

What are your weekend plans??  Also if you do a lot of hand stitching, embroidery, etc, what are your favorite threads, needles, etc......................?????

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Wow, that's not good life in a new product! I use that style hoop too, they are very good......the right tools make any job easier.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I hope you are feeling all better and back to you old self.
I'm loving all your needlepoint work-- very cute. And you work fast for a lady with a sore thumb ;-)
I'm hoping 2014 is a fabulous and very healthy year for you and yours.
xoxo jj