Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To Jump or Not To Jump

ChanceMan, who is 10, still has the jumping mojo.  He can jump up high from anywhere and land so gently that nothing is disturbed.  One of his favorite places is the thin top of the shower doors.  He used to get up there every day to watch CR shower, but as he's aged it's become an occasional thing.

This morning I noticed Scotchie on the bathroom counter and when I looked up I realized why - ChanceMan had landed on the top of the shower doors.

How did he do it - I want to get up there too.

Please tell me the secret to jumping up there big bro, please

Silence Minion, I will not tell you my secrets

I'm gonna try, no wait, well maybe, nope, I'm not brave enough to go for it

Mom...............Make him tell me how to do it, or better yet, could you give me a lift.....
Poor Scotchie, he can't figure out how to do it and it just drives him nuts.  I swear ChanceMan is taunting him the whole time.

In other news, I got a cortisone shot in the joint just below the big toe and it hurts like crazy.  I am trying cortisone before giving into surgery on that darn toe, lord I hope it works.  Right now it just plain hurts to bad to know if the shot is working.  Today I see the doctor about the synthetic "chicken fat" shot - that is really made from rooster comb for my knee.  It's my right foot and my right knee and nothing is RIGHT about any of it.  Just sayin.

I took my house quilt to be quilted and ended up getting talked into putting it in our local quilt show.  So I've filled out the registration and submitted it, Ginny will have my quilt done in time for me to put the binding on and a hanging sleeve.  The quilt show is March 21st and 22nd.  I'm scared and excited about it.

My Auntie Jean's husband, my Uncle Carl passed yesterday.  I feel so bad for being so far away as they live in North Carolina.  Thankfully her sister, my Auntie Shirl is there for her - they live next door to each other.  It's such a helpless feeling that you can't do anything to help, or to just be there.  I will try to get back there this year to spend some time with them and until then just keep calling and chatting and sending emails to let them know how much I love them.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

One of our cats used to jump to the top of the shower screen too......but that was in our last house, and the 'pathway' up isn't so easy here! Hope you get some relief from the pain in your foot, I haven't heard about the chicken fat/rooster comb shot. Sorry to hear about your uncle's passing, but as you say your auntie's sister is with her.

Sweet Tea said...

Perhaps your Chanceman should join the circus. Amazing that he can make the jump, but even more amazing that he can balance there's,, He may have a future as a Circus start,, LOL. BTW, Mister has bad knees (4 surgeries), and he now gets the "chicken shot" twice a year and they work wonders for him. He swears by them! Course he crows more now, but that's another story entirely. ;-)

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about your Uncle.

Chanceman is a daredevil!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Tammy, so very sorry to hear the news of Uncle Carl's passing. There really are no words but know that you and your Auntie are both in my heart.

Your shower door photos and cations are an absolute hoot!!!

I hear you on the injection site pain. Dare I say, in this cold weather, to put it up and ice it. That usually brings me some relief.

Hang in there my friend.

xoxo jj