Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Bee

I have been busy, despite the chemo.  I've been working on my embroidery red work, presents for the Aunties birthdays which are both in March, and cleaning house.  Most of this I've crammed into the last 3 days because after chemo it takes me 3 to 4 days to feel alive again and get anything done.

I'm almost finished with my last red work block, this is the last one I finished on Sunday:

I have really enjoyed doing this and a blogging friend Kathie from Prairie Cottage Corner sent me an adorable pattern with Sunbonnet Sue - between that and a doggy embroidery pattern I'm set for a while and excited to work on both!!  Go check out Kathie's blog and her etsy shop - she has some adorable patterns!!

I have also been busy getting my Aunties Birthday gifts together.  One has her birthday on March 5th and the other on March 24th.  I usually send them one package and in the middle of the month.  This year I thought coffee and chocolates.  So last time we were in Spokane I got them Mrs. See's chocolates - it's a west coast thing and I got them each their favorite kind.  Then I found these adorable mugs:

I'll include a package of Seattle's Best Coffee (they don't like Starbucks - can you imagine that) and then to go with all that, I made them mug rugs:

This one is for Aunt Shirley - she has cats, in fact she has a white cat named Precious
This is for Aunt Jean, she has 2 dogs and 2 tuxedo cats
I got both of these adorable mug rug patterns from Craftsy.  I thought they were so cute and I think the Aunties will love them. 
Meanwhile, besides chemo I'm nursing a bad knee.  I had the synthetic shot, it finally kicked in and was working beautifully, then last Friday I went to see my chiropractor to get my neck adjusted (I was having some wicked headaches) and rather than take the elevator, I walked up the stairs (like always) to the 2nd floor, well half way up I feel this sharp pain in my knee and from that minute forward it's like I never had the shot.  CR keeps telling me to rest it, ice it, etc, well that isn't doing a thing and I can't just sit on my big butt all day, everyday.  It's so frustrating.  Those shots can only be given every 6 months, so I think when I see the doctor the 19th of March I'm going to be discussing knee replacement.  Ugh, not how I wanted to spend my spring, but since it will have to be done eventually, I guess I might as well just get it over with.
Today I cleaned the house top to bottom and it's spic and span clean now.  I always like to clean well before each chemo treatment because then it's a bit easier to lay around being fatigued and sick and not feel so guilty that I should be doing something even when I have no energy to do it.  Isn't it odd how a person will have no issue taking a lazy day now and then, but on their own terms and when the mood strikes, not because they have to and not because their body is giving them no choice.  For some reason I have a real issue with this, I fight it, although not very hard, I'm to tired usually and just give up.
Despite chemo in March, the knee issues to be addressed, there are some fun things to look forward to.  CR and I will be celebrating our 28th Anniversary and the local quilt show is on the March 21st and 22nd and I'll be entering my applique quilt.  I should be getting it back from the quilter in early March and I've got the binding ready to go, a label ready to go and the instruction on how to do a hanging sleeve saved.
So what have you been sewing on or crafting??
Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Birthday CR!

Today is my Honey's Birthday.  I feel kinda bad as this is also my first day of chemo so we will be driving to Spokane and then home again.  Not the best way to spend one's birthday, but he says he doesn't mind at all.  He's a super wonderful hubby and I'm a very lucky gal!!

I got him some shorts to replace a few pairs that were just plain worn out last summer, sort of sucks getting a present that you can't use for a few months, but he was happy that I got them.  I also picked up a Starbucks gift card for him.  We're both excessive coffee drinkers, so I knew he'd like that and then I thought, he needs a place to put his coffee, so I made him a mug rug:

He loved it and everything else, so Happy Birthday Honey!!

I also have another red work block done:

Only 2 more to go, what shall I do next to continue enjoying the stitching in the evenings.

Well we are off to my chemo treatment.  Hope you all have a fabulous day.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Update

Good Morning!!

Just a quick update to let you all know I am TUMOR FREE, hooray!!!  I will have 3 weeks of chemo and then sadly I'm not done, I have to go back in 6 months and have 3 more rounds of chemo and then I go to the yearly visits.  I was hoping this would be the last of it, but it's not and that's okay at least I know that in 6 months it will be done and that makes me so HAPPY!!

Thank you for all your care and prayers and good vibes and support.  As always it means so much to me and helps me through the chemo knowing I have this huge cheering crowd behind me and supporting me.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two More Blocks Done

After my marathon baking event on Saturday I can happily announce that an 8 pound box filled with cookies is on it's way to the Aunties in North Carolina.  A big platter of cookies was given to our sweet neighbor boy who shoveled snow for 3 days in a row to help my hubby out (and he did it voluntarily - we didn't ask, such a sweet kid) and I have cookies for our Grandson too.  We'll be seeing Ben this Thursday when we pick him up from school after I have my cancer check up.  Yep, I'm a tad nervous and trying hard to just be chill about it.

So after all that baking some relaxing was called for, which meant I had to finish up the block I had started.  I actually have two blocks to show, one was done and the other I just finished today.  I can't believe how fast this has gone and I only have 3 more blocks to embroider.

I love the block I just finished with the "Beware of Cat".  The cat in this picture and the sign make me think back to our first cat together - Charlotte.  Char was born under our deck to a feral mother and was actually discovered with her 3 brothers by our dog Scruffy.  Scruf could hear something under the deck and Cliff couldn't, but he knew something was going on by her curiosity.  Scruf wasn't a fan of cats (she loved to chase them out of her yard), but she was super gentle with the babies and momma cat.  Long story short, the Momma wasn't well, and she moved the kittens and then came to get Cliff one day for help.  We got the kittens and found homes for the 3 boys and kept Charlotte.  Sadly Momma cat was killed in the street.  Charlotte was a hissy girl, she was always a bit on the cranky side and yet she was a love too.  She just needed to live life on her own terms and we respected that.  So she was a bit grumpy, yet when she purred, you could hear her down the block her purr was so loud. 

Charlotte - she had the most amazing green eyes.
Here is a picture of our little lovey dog - Scruffy.  We adopted her when she was 4 from the humane society and she was the best dog - CR and I loved her so much.  She lived to be 17.  We still miss her, she was just that special.

Her name was Sruffy, but we called her Lovey.  She was so smart and so sweet.
I always say she made a better human being out of me.

I will be glad when this week is over and I know that I'm tumor free.  I'll have 3 weeks of chemo and I'm praying that it will be the last of it and I'll be in remission.

Did I mention that my knee has finally responded to the synthetic "rooster comb" shot and feels really good, no pain when I walk, etc.  I'm so happy that one problem is solved and I won't need knee replacement anytime soon.

I can't believe how quickly this year is going by - it's almost Valentines day.  So tell me, do you do anything special for Valentines day??  And if so, what plans do you have.  CR and I will be at another doctors appointment on that day, so we are going to have the best Reuben sandwiches at a favorite little joint in Spokane called the Picabo Bistro.  I have a present for him if the UPS would just deliver it on time, ugh.  Some years we don't do much of anything and some years I'll get an idea and go with it.  What makes it difficult is his birthday is the 19th.  So 2 occasions right after Christmas can be a challenge.  Oh and to add to that challenge, our anniversary is March 19th.  At that point dinner out and a card is about as good as we can do!

Happy Valentines day; Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White...................Wait a Minute

Well it's not secret that I would have loved a White Christmas, but this is February and I'm thinking spring, not white stuff.  Yesterday the snow started to fall, really fine and tiny flakes and I really thought it wouldn't amount to much, but surprise it did.

And on top of it all it's just been frigid around here.  The storm hit the coast of Oregon and Washington yesterday and then made it's way west to us.  We are supposed to get more tonight.  The sun is out now so it's kind of pretty and I'm so glad it's not another grey day.

Our neighbor's son is on a 2 hour school delay and he came over and shoveled our deck and a path to our garage.  What a sweet kid and he's only 12.  The whole family is just wonderful, couldn't ask for better neighbors.

Well that's about all I have to share.  It's cold and I'm in a warm house drinking lots of hot coffee and thankful I don't have to go anywhere today.

One more thing - I saw this on facebook and it made me laugh, our dog who has short little legs had issues like this today.


Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Glasses

Busy day today.  I went to my hair appointment and got some things trimmed and other parts left alone to grow a bit.  I also picked up my new glasses.

The hairdo
The new glasses
A couple of shots so you can see the hair and glasses and the extremely wide and chubby face, ugh.  I always wanted to be one of those ladies whose face got more angular with age, but no, still chubby with fat cheeks.  At least I have dimples, people seem to think the dimples are cute.

It's hard to take a "selfie".  I don't get the appeal of taking them but lord the internet and facebook are full of people who love to take pictures of themselves.

I'd rather take pictures of sewing or cooking or my pets, or the hubs - much more interesting than a picture of myself.  So in that vain, here are two more blocks for my red work wall hanging.

These are so much fun to embroider.  I might have to talk to my friend Jackie at Jackie's Stitches  about needlework next, it might be fun to try out.  She does beautiful work and I bet she can give me some excellent pointers.

Last night, with the wind chill, it was -7 at our local airport.  It got up to a balmy 17 today, but I don't know what it was considering the wind chill.  We are also getting a very fine snow and it's been going strong since about noon.  My friend in the Portland area said they are getting blasted with snow and she lives on a hill, hope she grocery shopped before it hit or has a sled to get down that hill.  Oy Vey.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Construction Zone

So as we all know, the Seahawks won the Superbowl.  We had so much fun at our friends party and the food was so delish!!

That was Sunday, come Monday the electrician called and said he was ready to do the job on Tuesday morning, bright and early, ugh on the early.  We have been wanting to redo the lighting in our kitchen to be more like the lighting in my sewing room.  So we were up before it was daylight and got going to empty out as much as possible in the kitchen.  We all know the dust and yuck that happens in a construction zone and I sure didn't want my Kitchen Aid or my espresso machine in the middle of that yuck.

Here's the before:

Here's the during - big mess:

And here is the big finish:

Oh my it's nice and just in time for me to bake cookies to send to my Aunties and to take to Spokane later this month for our Grandson. 

Tomorrow there will be more cleaning.  There is a layer of dust 3 inches thick in the one living room (we blocked the other living room with plastic).  So guess whose gonna dust and vacuum and obsessively clean tomorrow. 

I got the shot (synthetic rooster comb stuff) in my knee a week ago today and while the major pain from the shot is gone, the regular pain of the knee being bone on bone is back.  The doctor told me it could take up to 6 weeks to get the full benefits of the shot, so I am supposed to be patient, but that is hard to do when you just want relief.  Also, I was not blessed with being a patient person, my hubby is super patient, but I don't have that virtue.

I now have a total of 3 and a half of my red work blocks done.  I'm really enjoying the embroidery in the evenings.  I'll take pictures of the other blocks soon and get them posted.

Have you heard of cauliflower rice?  I've seen a lot about it on the Internet, facebook and pinterest.  So last night I tried it out.  You just put the cauli in a food processor and process it to the size of rice.  Then you make it like a pilaf.  I have to say it is really good.  I'll be making it again for sure!!  Here's what it looks like (mine had carrots and onions in it to give it some character).

It's turning super cold with freezing wind chills here in our neck of the woods.  All the towns around us got snow a couple days ago, but we got nothing - just dreary grey skies.  I've been freezing today so I can tell the outside temps have really dropped.

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods??

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

The biggest football day of the year for fans.  I'm not so much a fan as my hubby or a lot of our friends.  I'll listen to a game, but I have to be doing something interesting while listening.  Today we are off to a Super Bowl party, I mean if you're from Wash State, it's a pretty dog gone exciting day because the Seattle Seahawks could bring home the prize.  They are favored to win, but anything can happen.  I'm in the midst of baking a couple loaves crusty bread, our host is making a huge pot of chili and I'm sure there will be other yummy snacks as well. 

So in honor of the Seattle Seahawks:

The Hawks haven't always been such a good team, so it's pretty exciting for everyone how far they've come.
I saw this on facebook this morning and it made me giggle - it's also Groundhog Day and according to that pesky little rodent we are in for 6 more weeks of winter, boo!!

The house smells so good with the baking bread - one loaf is plain, the other is cheese.  But this girl is going to be very careful about what she eats.  One week of my healthy eating has resulted in a 6 pound weigh loss and I'm feeling so much better mentally and physically so I'd like to continue on this path.
Well I had better get some things done so we can get to our party and have a fun day.
Happy Stitches and Hugs,