Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Bee

I have been busy, despite the chemo.  I've been working on my embroidery red work, presents for the Aunties birthdays which are both in March, and cleaning house.  Most of this I've crammed into the last 3 days because after chemo it takes me 3 to 4 days to feel alive again and get anything done.

I'm almost finished with my last red work block, this is the last one I finished on Sunday:

I have really enjoyed doing this and a blogging friend Kathie from Prairie Cottage Corner sent me an adorable pattern with Sunbonnet Sue - between that and a doggy embroidery pattern I'm set for a while and excited to work on both!!  Go check out Kathie's blog and her etsy shop - she has some adorable patterns!!

I have also been busy getting my Aunties Birthday gifts together.  One has her birthday on March 5th and the other on March 24th.  I usually send them one package and in the middle of the month.  This year I thought coffee and chocolates.  So last time we were in Spokane I got them Mrs. See's chocolates - it's a west coast thing and I got them each their favorite kind.  Then I found these adorable mugs:

I'll include a package of Seattle's Best Coffee (they don't like Starbucks - can you imagine that) and then to go with all that, I made them mug rugs:

This one is for Aunt Shirley - she has cats, in fact she has a white cat named Precious
This is for Aunt Jean, she has 2 dogs and 2 tuxedo cats
I got both of these adorable mug rug patterns from Craftsy.  I thought they were so cute and I think the Aunties will love them. 
Meanwhile, besides chemo I'm nursing a bad knee.  I had the synthetic shot, it finally kicked in and was working beautifully, then last Friday I went to see my chiropractor to get my neck adjusted (I was having some wicked headaches) and rather than take the elevator, I walked up the stairs (like always) to the 2nd floor, well half way up I feel this sharp pain in my knee and from that minute forward it's like I never had the shot.  CR keeps telling me to rest it, ice it, etc, well that isn't doing a thing and I can't just sit on my big butt all day, everyday.  It's so frustrating.  Those shots can only be given every 6 months, so I think when I see the doctor the 19th of March I'm going to be discussing knee replacement.  Ugh, not how I wanted to spend my spring, but since it will have to be done eventually, I guess I might as well just get it over with.
Today I cleaned the house top to bottom and it's spic and span clean now.  I always like to clean well before each chemo treatment because then it's a bit easier to lay around being fatigued and sick and not feel so guilty that I should be doing something even when I have no energy to do it.  Isn't it odd how a person will have no issue taking a lazy day now and then, but on their own terms and when the mood strikes, not because they have to and not because their body is giving them no choice.  For some reason I have a real issue with this, I fight it, although not very hard, I'm to tired usually and just give up.
Despite chemo in March, the knee issues to be addressed, there are some fun things to look forward to.  CR and I will be celebrating our 28th Anniversary and the local quilt show is on the March 21st and 22nd and I'll be entering my applique quilt.  I should be getting it back from the quilter in early March and I've got the binding ready to go, a label ready to go and the instruction on how to do a hanging sleeve saved.
So what have you been sewing on or crafting??
Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

What fun mug rugs, and so beautifully made too! That mug is a really cool design. I have to say that I don't like Starbucks either....I do like coffee, just not theirs. You know, I'm with you on the lazy day thinking - it's one thing to do it because you want to, another thing entirely to have to do it because you have no choice.

Lady of the Cloth said...

I hope you get feeling better soon. I know how the body "breaking" thing goes. For me it is my back and I am tired of the Dr. suggesting another pill or cortisone shot. They don't help and so today I am asking to be referred to an orthopedic Dr.

I love the kitty embroidery. I have such a time with my cat getting into my knitting. Sometimes I forget to put it up and come home to an awful mess. You've got to love them though.
Take care, Carline, on the rainy wet side of the state

Candace said...

Great embroidery, Tammy! You've become a pro in a very short time! Your aunties will love their gifts. I remember going to the original See's store in Seattle as a child! March doesn't sound bad and you know I'm sure looking forward to the quilt show!

Sweet Tea said...

You have got to be your Aunts favorite niece - so nice of you to make these personalized things for them. Hope the chemo doesn't "kick your butt" too badly. You're amazing how you plan around it then move on.

Prairie Stitcher said...

Hi Tammy: I've been away a little while, busy with stuff. Thank you for the kind words. I went up north near Davenport to spend a day on a friend's cattle ranch sewing. It was a glorious day (Wed.) and so nice we opened the windows. We had a great lunch and herb tea and sewed and sewed. We both do applique' and embroidery so that was it for the day. Also, put some binding on a quilt getting ready for our quilt show in April. Bad knee! Bad knee! I have two of those. Such naughty things. You're doing great, though. You really bounce right back, so the knee won't slow you down for long. What is this lesson we are supposed to be learning with all this health stuff and not getting to spend our retirement days as we please? It does make me feel like pouting, yes it does.