Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Glasses

Busy day today.  I went to my hair appointment and got some things trimmed and other parts left alone to grow a bit.  I also picked up my new glasses.

The hairdo
The new glasses
A couple of shots so you can see the hair and glasses and the extremely wide and chubby face, ugh.  I always wanted to be one of those ladies whose face got more angular with age, but no, still chubby with fat cheeks.  At least I have dimples, people seem to think the dimples are cute.

It's hard to take a "selfie".  I don't get the appeal of taking them but lord the internet and facebook are full of people who love to take pictures of themselves.

I'd rather take pictures of sewing or cooking or my pets, or the hubs - much more interesting than a picture of myself.  So in that vain, here are two more blocks for my red work wall hanging.

These are so much fun to embroider.  I might have to talk to my friend Jackie at Jackie's Stitches  about needlework next, it might be fun to try out.  She does beautiful work and I bet she can give me some excellent pointers.

Last night, with the wind chill, it was -7 at our local airport.  It got up to a balmy 17 today, but I don't know what it was considering the wind chill.  We are also getting a very fine snow and it's been going strong since about noon.  My friend in the Portland area said they are getting blasted with snow and she lives on a hill, hope she grocery shopped before it hit or has a sled to get down that hill.  Oy Vey.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Your embroidery is really good, you know! Tammy, I think we all dislike something about ourselves.....I certainly do, in fact there is very little that I do like, but I suppose we are stuck with what we have, aren't we. I'll swap you some snow for some of our heat.

UDMama said...

Your glasses look great on you - very flattering!

Carline said...

I love your new look, it is always good to get an update.

Your redwork blocks are so darned cute.

Yes, We are VERY snowed in. It is beautiful but I hate not being able to leave the house. We have 6-8 inches and it is supposed to snow again tonight. I did get a day off today as my boss said most patients would cancel anyway.

Make it a good day! and keep warm

Jackie said...

Your redwork blocks are gorgeous! I'm quite sure you would pick up other needlework very quickly. Why do you live so far away?!

Love the new glasses and the hair. I have short hair too (love it) and have let it grow out a bit. Just a bit. Your picture makes me wonder if I shouldn't chop it off short again. Maybe I'll wait until summer when it's so hot here I can hardly breathe. Summer is the trade off for our milder winters. I know right now you'd probably think it was worth it but I assure you it's not!

Julie said...

You and me both Tammy, I have not taken a flattering selfie EVA!
Love the hair do, it is very flattering!