Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two More Blocks Done

After my marathon baking event on Saturday I can happily announce that an 8 pound box filled with cookies is on it's way to the Aunties in North Carolina.  A big platter of cookies was given to our sweet neighbor boy who shoveled snow for 3 days in a row to help my hubby out (and he did it voluntarily - we didn't ask, such a sweet kid) and I have cookies for our Grandson too.  We'll be seeing Ben this Thursday when we pick him up from school after I have my cancer check up.  Yep, I'm a tad nervous and trying hard to just be chill about it.

So after all that baking some relaxing was called for, which meant I had to finish up the block I had started.  I actually have two blocks to show, one was done and the other I just finished today.  I can't believe how fast this has gone and I only have 3 more blocks to embroider.

I love the block I just finished with the "Beware of Cat".  The cat in this picture and the sign make me think back to our first cat together - Charlotte.  Char was born under our deck to a feral mother and was actually discovered with her 3 brothers by our dog Scruffy.  Scruf could hear something under the deck and Cliff couldn't, but he knew something was going on by her curiosity.  Scruf wasn't a fan of cats (she loved to chase them out of her yard), but she was super gentle with the babies and momma cat.  Long story short, the Momma wasn't well, and she moved the kittens and then came to get Cliff one day for help.  We got the kittens and found homes for the 3 boys and kept Charlotte.  Sadly Momma cat was killed in the street.  Charlotte was a hissy girl, she was always a bit on the cranky side and yet she was a love too.  She just needed to live life on her own terms and we respected that.  So she was a bit grumpy, yet when she purred, you could hear her down the block her purr was so loud. 

Charlotte - she had the most amazing green eyes.
Here is a picture of our little lovey dog - Scruffy.  We adopted her when she was 4 from the humane society and she was the best dog - CR and I loved her so much.  She lived to be 17.  We still miss her, she was just that special.

Her name was Sruffy, but we called her Lovey.  She was so smart and so sweet.
I always say she made a better human being out of me.

I will be glad when this week is over and I know that I'm tumor free.  I'll have 3 weeks of chemo and I'm praying that it will be the last of it and I'll be in remission.

Did I mention that my knee has finally responded to the synthetic "rooster comb" shot and feels really good, no pain when I walk, etc.  I'm so happy that one problem is solved and I won't need knee replacement anytime soon.

I can't believe how quickly this year is going by - it's almost Valentines day.  So tell me, do you do anything special for Valentines day??  And if so, what plans do you have.  CR and I will be at another doctors appointment on that day, so we are going to have the best Reuben sandwiches at a favorite little joint in Spokane called the Picabo Bistro.  I have a present for him if the UPS would just deliver it on time, ugh.  Some years we don't do much of anything and some years I'll get an idea and go with it.  What makes it difficult is his birthday is the 19th.  So 2 occasions right after Christmas can be a challenge.  Oh and to add to that challenge, our anniversary is March 19th.  At that point dinner out and a card is about as good as we can do!

Happy Valentines day; Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Oh, I love your kitty embroideries - aren't they fun! Best wishes and hugs for a good report, you have been doing so well up till now and I'm sure that will continue. All our animals have had a special part in our lives, are are missed when it's their time to go.....no matter how many others we have at the time. Valentine's Day is my husband's birthday, so we celebrate that instead!

Prairie Stitcher said...

Hi Tammy - here's hoping the chemo will be absolutely successful. Yes, indeed. Aren't our pets just the best in the world? We have one senior cat, Norman, and a little female, about 6 years old, named Bodecia. My husband, a Vietnam vet suffers from depression and those kitties are his best therapy. They take him right out of himself and he can really brighten up because of them. And, of course, they are both quilt testers.....heck, all three of them: husband, Bodecia and Norman.....all great quilt testers! We're contemplating dining out for Valentine's Day. If the weather's decent, we'll go to Moses Lake, Ephrata, Ritzville or Davenport (We're at least 35 miles from everywhere.). I know he bought me some chocolates...shhhhhh.

Jackie said...

I'm so glad to hear the shot is working for your knee! I'm sure the checkup on Thursday will go well too!

Valentines Day activities vary from year to year with us. Sometimes we do something, sometimes not.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Tammy, Sending prayers and big hugs for your doc appointment with high hopes that all is well. Please keep me posted.

LOVE your needlepoint. You are one talented lady-- And you bake too! Eight pounds of cookies sounds like pure heaven to me!

Valentine's Day will be quiet for us this year. I can't believe I'm saying again this but we lost another loved one this week and I'm walking around in a complete daze. Your Reuben sandwich sounds like a fantastic V-Day meal and for some odd reason has me thinking I should make some BBQ ribs. Hmm, we'll see.

Keep up the good work, my friend. As always, I'm cheering you and CR on.

xo jj

Candace said...

Your blocks are coming along so well, Tammy! Your hubby and Mr. Squash have birthday's very close together. We always say every Day is Valentine's Day! Good luck on your checkup!