Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 28th Wedding Anniversary.  I think I mentioned that on Monday, CR and I went to Spokane to get some scans done for his new Oncologist.  Well today we got a call from the nurse and all his scans were clean - yes, CLEAN.  This is the absolute best news possible and the best Anniversary gift we could have gotten.  We are jumping for joy here.  What this means that despite the issues with his PSA doubling, the cancer shows no signs of spreading.  He has to have some blood work done now, here at home and when we see the Oncologist on the 31st, we'll have a path forward on what she'd like to try to get the PSA under control.

Today I saw the Orthopedic PA about my knee and the synthetic shot not working.  I'm so bummed it didn't work for me, I was so hopeful.  Anyhow we've started the ball rolling on a knee replacement.  They have to contact my Urologist to make sure there won't be healing issues with my treatments, etc and of course get insurance approval and then I'll be set to get this done and over with.  Oh how I dread the painful physical therapy that accompanies a knee replacement (I've seen CR go through this twice and it's not fun).  The bottom line is I'd like to fly fish this summer, so the sooner the better.

Tomorrow I take my quilt to the convention center and then Friday morning Candace from Squash House Quilts will pick me up and we'll go to Starbucks for coffee and then the local quilt show.  I'm nervous and excited about it.

Meanwhile, I've been doing some embroidery.  This time a doggy design that I'm doing in brown so I can use brown and neutrals for the wall hanging.

I've also been putting together 4 blocks for my cat embroidery - red work with red and white wall hanging.  Here's the block (there are 4 of them total)

Next step is to put these blocks, the embroidered blocks and sashing and borders all together and I'll have something to show you.  I had better get busy and get it done, right!

I'll try to remember my camera and take lots of pictures at the quilt show - there are some really wonderful quilters in this area and the show is always full of beautiful quilts to be sure.

So tell me, what are you working on?

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

SO happy to hear the news about CR! I know you feel very relived. Not surprised to hear your decision about your knee either. I have no doubt you'll recover like a champ!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your visit with Candace - she is a sweetie - and the quilt show.

Ulla said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and on the good news for your husband. Well done with your embroidery and the red and white block. Have a good time with Candace tomorrow!

Candace said...

Happy Anniversary, Tammy! Sorry I'm a day late - your post didn't show up for me until just now! Anyway, good news for Cliff - the best, actually. I think your stitcheries are so adorable and love the red and white blocks! See you tomorrow.

Sweet Tea said...

Lots of good news in your world and you are so deserving. Happy Anniversary!! And, congrat's on your husband's FANTASTIC medical reports. So happy for you both!! Not so good about you knee, but your attitude is so good and that will continue to serve you well...enjoy the quilt show. You do beautiful work.

Joanna Jenkins said...

WOW! The angels are singing, Tammy for CR. I'm thrilled beyond words for you both. Happy Anniversary indeed!

But the knee replacement. I yiyi. I was really hoping you'd be able to avoid that, at least for a while. Please keep us posted on the plans.

Can't wait top hear about the Quilt Show. you know that's my kind of "thing"! Enjoy!

xo jj