Friday, March 21, 2014

Quilt Show

Today was the first of two days for our local quilt show.  It's a pretty good sized show and boy do we have a lot of very talented quilters in this area.

I went with Candace from Squash House Quilts, she picked me up at 9:30, first stop was Starbucks and then onto the show.  Luckily she and I are both about the same speed and we wear out about the same, she's got back issues and of course my darn knee.  It was a lovely time and I really enjoy her company.  I think I could talk with her for days and I know I could learn a lot from her she is so talented.

So here is the quilt parade:

This is the raffle quilt for our local guild.  It's based off of a photo taken by a local artist named John Clements.  I bought 2 tickets, doubt I'll win.  It's a picture of the wine grapes on Red Mountain and the mountain in the background is called Rattlesnake mountain.  The river is the Yakima River.  It was simply stunning.

Oh Look, here is my quilt.  I thought it looked darn good hanging there!!

And here are some what I refer to as art quilts, they had some awesome ones, wish I could do that kind of work:

This next quilt amazed me, those billions of squares were about a half inch each, lord that person must have had the patience of a saint.

And here are, in no particular order some of the quilts I took pictures off.  As I got tired, I kind of quit taking pictures and just enjoyed viewing the quilts.

And what would a quilt show be without some historic quilts, this one was dated back to the 1890's

This is a crazy quilt that is all done by hand, it has pieces of one of Mrs. Lincolns gowns, it was beautifully done and amazingly well preserved:

And that concludes our trip to the quilt show.  Now I must rest my annoying knee and possibly ice it.  And I have to remember to pick my quilt up tomorrow between 6pm and 7pm (I'm forgetful so this is of the utmost concern).
Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Wonderful pics, thank you for sharing! Your quilt looks so good hanging with the others, too.

Candace said...

I had a great time with you, Tammy! Your quilt is just adorable and has a wonderful story to go along with it!

Sweet Tea said...

So much talent. Beautiful!!
How would one ever choose a favorite?!

Joanna Jenkins said...

What an impressive collection of quilts and talent! Of course I like yours the best! Really.
Hope your knee is giving you a break this weekend.
Take good care,
xo jj

Ulla said...

Your house quilt with all the seasons is very sweet, you can be proud of it. The raffle quilt is just amazing, such detailed work. Great pictures of the quilt show, it seems unbelievable that a local quilt show can have so many wonderful quilts. Where I live quilts don't play a big role.