Thursday, March 13, 2014

Signs of Spring

Spring is sprunging........................The temps are in the 60's, the sun is shining, you only need a light jacket or vest if anything and the flower beds are getting green and early flowers popping up.  There are definitely signs of spring at our house and CR is busy getting the flower beds cleaned up and ready for the blooming to begin:

It was such a gloomy winter, and although we didn't have the snow the rest of the country had, we had some really cold temps and some snow and ice.  The lack of sun is what always gets to me, so when the sun comes out, I feel fantastic!!

Yesterday I baked some cookies for CR.  Just a few.  I've learned a few tricks to make my cookies the best they can be and one of those tricks is to freeze the cookie balls, they seem to bake more uniformly and are so chewy and delicious.  I scoop them before I freeze them and I typically make a batch or two.  Then I can just take a few out and bake them so we don't overindulge.  Works really well if you ask me and it makes CR happy!!

When I picked up my quilt for the show, my quilter had this super stunning string quilt on the frame and I was just wowed by it.  I liked it so much she found out where the pattern came from and sent me the info.  Here's the book and the pattern picture of the quilt that was on Ginny's frame:

I have a bunch of 2&1/2 inch strips that I can cut down a bit and make this stunning quilt and I can't wait, but I have a few other projects that are in the queue first.

Next week, March 19th, CR and I will celebrate our 28th Anniversary.  It's also the anniversary of my good friend Jennifer and her hubby Kevin - Bronze Wombat - I think it will be their 38th Anniversary.  Cool, huh.  Anyhow I really wanted a new Miche Luxe bag that came out.  It's a stunning mint/light green and I LOVE green.  So CR told me to order it for my anniversary present, isn't he a good guy.

We are off to Spokane on Monday for CR's scans (bone & cat) as ordered my his Oncologist.  She plans to present the findings at a Urology Medical Board meeting on the 19th and then we will follow up with her on the 31st for a path forward to keep his PSA from doing the nasty doubling every 3 months.  In other words, get it under control and keep my wonderful CR healthy!!

My quilt has it's binding and label and hanging sleeve all attached and I'll take it to the Convention Center for our local Quilt Show on Thursday the 20th, but first this weekend I'm taking it over to my friend Kelly's house to show her.  Kelly taught me to quilt and got me interested in doing this quilt because I loved the one she did.  She's cheered me on through the years to keep going on it and is always so supportive of my quilting endeavors.  I can only hope to be as good as she is one day!!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods and what are your weekend plans?



Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

It's 18 degrees here and we had another snow storm! I am so over winter. This has been a horrible one here.

Candace said...

You yard is looking a lot like ours Tammy! I just can't wait for everything to leaf out. We even have some daffodils that have bloomed! Great idea on the cookies and I love your new bag. Can't wait to see your show quilt and go to the show with you!

Jennifer said...

You don't have many flowers in your garden yet, but the ones you do have are really pretty! That is indeed one gorgeous bag. Cookies, yum......we will raise a glass to you on Wednesday, except it will be the day before for you.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Tammy,

First, your quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Good luck at the convention center. IT should get rave reviews!

Spring has bypassed Los Angeles and slammed directly into Summer. We're having record-breaking temps today and ugh is all I can say. I know it shouldn't complain considering the nasty cold Winter most have had but Spring is so lovely and I hate to miss it. Oh well.

I'm off to take the second of my duffel bag classes and finish it up today. I'm pretty excited and will send you pics soon!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your baking!

xo jj
PS LOVE the new purse!