Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Taking Charge

Today I was supposed to get a cortisone injection (a different cortisone than what I got before) in my knee.  About an hour before that appointment, the PA called to say ask me between the cortisone shot and the synthetic shot, which gave me the most relief.  Well they both gave me relief for about a week, so I'd say neither one was very effective, but I can say with certainty that the synthetic shot crippled me for a week and was far more painful.  He then said he'd like to try a different synthetic shot that might be more successful.  Ummmmmmmmmmm, is it just me or does the word "might" bother you to.  Of course these shots are extremely expensive and require insurance approval.  Then he asked me, which would you like to do, cortisone today or wait a couple days for approval and have the synthetic shot.  Well now there's a conundrum, which pain do I prefer, which might last the longest, if it lasts at all, and really I'm not having many more needles stuck in that knee - IT HURTS PEOPLE. 

So, I tell him I guess the synthetic shot as it's supposed to last 6 months if it works, odds are better with it than straight cortisone and what I didn't say was this is the last chance for a needle in my sore knee.  When I got up this morning I could hardly walk the knee has been so painful - I have my okay days and my bad days and my really bad days - this is a really bad day.  If I stay off of the knee and don't walk a lot, I can have okay days, but I'm getting really tired of not being able to do much.  With that in mind I told him that I was having issues with the doc's feeling that I couldn't have knee replacement until I was done with my treatments.  You see I had a dental implant installed in December and the dentist was concerned about healing and infection just like the Ortho is concerned.  The Dentist called my Urologist and checked in with him as to what my treatments were and any issues, well there were no issue and we proceeded.  The Ortho just said no, no one called my Urologist, nothing - although I gave them his name and phone number.  The PA didn't want to be the middle man and I don't blame him so I won't be getting a shot, but I will be seeing the Ortho on the 14th, can you believe it takes almost 3 weeks to get in.  In the mean time I decided I had to be proactive and take control of my situation so I called my Urologists office, talked to Rachel one of the RN's there and guess what, there should be no issue or worry of infection as it would relate to the treatments I've been having, hmmm, I knew that based on my Dentist.  So Rachel is going to call the Ortho and have a chat, send a latter from my Urologist, what ever it may take to put him at ease that there is no issue or worry about infections related to the treatments I've been having.  So we'll see what he says on the 14th.

Why all this fuss.............Well for starters I need to go back east in October, with this knee it's going to be hell traveling and getting around airports, etc.  Also, if they make me wait I will require two things to survive - pain meds and a handicap sign.  There are days I can't walk far and I can't have Cliff take me everywhere and drop me at the door, that's ridiculous and would drive me nuts - I need my freedom.  The whole pain med thing irritates me as well, you see I lived on pain meds for 3 years because the idiots here wouldn't give me a much needed hip replacement - I was to young and other excuses.  I finally just couldn't take it any longer so I went to an Ortho in Spokane who told me a hip replacement was needed and he'd put a metal on metal hip in and it would out live me.  I can't say that I have the most trust in Ortho's in this area, they're so afraid of being sued or something? that they can't seem to see beyond that and help someone in significant pain.  I can't let this go a year or two and I can't bear the thought of living on drugs and sitting around to keep the pain level low.  No one should have to live like that.  So depending on what happens on the 14th, I may have to go to Spokane and that's not all bad, but it would be easier to stay in town, ugh, it's all so frustrating.

Okay now on to something fun.  The other day I found the boys napping together and thought it was so sweet.  Chanceman doesn't nap with Scotchie very often, I don't think he's ever really recovered from the loss of Skeezics who he always napped with and it was like they were joined at the hip.  So when he and Scotchie are together it just warms my heart.

My boys - they're so sweet.  Have I told you that we have a sonicare toothbrush, well it makes this soft sound when you use it to brush your teeth, I swear that Scotchie knows the minute CR is about to brush his teeth and he's off to the bathroom to sit on CR's lap.  I told CR I think he thinks you are purring.  It is so cute.

Tomorrow we are off to Prosser and a favorite winery to pick up some more Cab Franc and to have lunch at the Wine O'Clock Bistro.  Should be fun and just what this girl needs after a rough few days.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Your cats look so sweet the look on Scotchie's face, as though he's not sure if he should really be there! Hope your knee gets sorted out to your satisfaction soon, you are certainly having a rough time lately.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Good for you for taking charge. I was told eight years ago that I was too young for a knee replacement by the first doctor I saw. I got recommendations for another doctor, waited a few months to see him and he knew I needed that knee worked on and did it. The same doctor did the replacement in my second knee in December. I've never regretted either surgery. Good luck.

Carline said...

I am so sorry you have to go through this Tammy. I am going through the same thing with my back and it has been two years of pain meds, cortisone shots, acupuncture, etc. to no avail. I am so sick of our medical system. They are so afraid that if they do something they may get sued that they do Nothing! aaarrrgh! You are in my prayers.