Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Down, One to Go

This past Friday I had my 26th BCG Chemo treatment and the pain was excruciating.  I've got a pretty high pain tolerance and will withstand a lot of pain when necessary, but this brought me to my knees.  So tomorrow I will call my doctors office and ask if there is anything they can give me to get  through the first 24 hours and help with the pain.  I am truly feeling freaked out about having my last treatment on Thursday and lord knows I've been thinking about begging the doctor to not do the treatments in August because it was just that bad.  Those who know me, know how much I hate pain meds, but I am actually willing to ask for them in hopes of lessening the pain I had this go around.

Alright off that topic now - thanks for listening to me whine.

I finished the last embroidery block for my red work cats and here it is:

I had so much fun doing this pattern and I've really learned to enjoy embroidery.  Next step is to put the wall hanging together and here are the fabrics I'm using:

I have also started 2 new embroidery projects.  One of them is a doggy wall hanging.  Rather than another red work, I'm doing the embroidery in a brown and will do medium and dark neutrals for the fabrics of the wall hanging.  Here is the pattern I'm doing:

And my friend Kathie sent me that adorable pattern for Sun Bonnet Sue so I'm doing it in blues for something different and it will go in my one living room that has a lot of blues in it.

My applique House quilt should be done this week at the quilters.  I'm excited to get it home and get the binding and label on it.  And the hanging sleeve too.  I will also have to figure out how I will display it here at home once the quilt show is done this month.  I'm such a ding bat - I took the quilt and backing to Ginny and she called me this week, my backing was about 12 inches off.  I felt so stupid and because of my chemo, she told me just to bring the extra backing fabric and she's sew it on and get it done so that I didn't have to worry about it.  What a saint to do that for me.  I usually am so meticulous about measuring I can't believe how I messed that up, but I sure did.

I ordered a pattern booklet from Fig Tree Quilts a couple of weeks ago and received it in the mail this past week:

I saw it made up in a blog I follow and just fell in love with it.  I love how it's two blocks with so many looks.

Last night I made a recipe called One Pot Pasta that I found at A Beautiful Mess blog.  So easy to through together and so delicious.  It is everything it claims to be and we loved it.  I'm not a fan of heavy or creamy sauces and this was in my mind, light and delicious.  If you try it, let me know what you think.

Right now it's snowing/sleeting outside and cold.  A good day to stay inside and stay warm and rest some more to get ready for my last chemo this Thursday.

Hope you're having a good weekend,
Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Tammy, pain meds were invented for a reason! Speak to your doctor and see what can be done. You are nearly there with your treatments and have come so far......don't give up now, we're all cheering for you, my friend!
I love your red work, it's coming along beautifully! Isn't it interesting to see how it looks when you use a different colour thread?

Jackie said...

One doesn't get extra credit for suffering. I hope your doctor gives you something. I hate thinking of you being in pain. Almost done!

Sweet Tea said...

I'm with the others cheering you on. Surely your doc can give you something. Please talk with him and tell him what you've told us. Praying for you, Tammy!!

Prairie Stitcher said...

I'm sorry the pain was so bad. Gosh. Hopefully that's the last you will see of that kind of thing. I love the patterns your working on. I have a new Easter quilt coming out and hope to have it by summer's end. I know, I should have it by Easter, but, no can do. I get in the mood to do something and it doesn't matter what the season is. I can't wait to get it finished, though. Those reds and whites are so precious and pretty. I'm going to go see your recipe, now. Thanks so much for sharing. Here's a hug and a prayer. Kathie