Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A New Table Cloth

I found a pattern when my friend and I went to Portland that I thought would make a fun and interesting Quilted Table Cloth.  I knew I had just the right fabric for it at home in my stash, so this week I got busy and put the top together:

I've had this Lakehouse fabric for several years and could never decide what I wanted to do with it.  I think it makes a good quilted table topper and will really be spring and summery for the house.  I will try to get going and quilt and bind it too.  Get it on the table and buy some new candles to match it - maybe purple.

Yesterday we went out to price new kitchen cabinets and counter tops and I am so excited.  We had to come home and get a few more specific measurements, but they were able to plug in our measurements and then show us a computer model of how it will look.  Oh my gosh I'm excited.  It is going to be so awesome.  Considering this house is around 70 years old, you can imagine that my kitchen isn't the greatest and the drawers are not easy to open or close anymore.  Our new kitchen is going to be fantastic.  What is not going to be fantastic - emptying it out, oy vey, that is going to be a job and then some (thank god it's a small kitchen).

Monday evening I heard from my surgeon's nurse and she said my surgery will probably be on the 15th or 22nd of May, I'm waiting to hear from their official scheduler for the date, pre-op date, etc.  Of course now that I know I'd like to have the official date for planning purposes and good grief that will probably take another week to get a call.  I might call them if I don't hear something by Friday.

It's rainy and windy and damp and chilly around here.  I wanted to get a pedicure this week, but I think I'll hold off cuz I'm not wearing sandals with the chilly weather.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jackie said...

Only 3-4 weeks away from surgery! Fantastic news Tam!

Exciting about the kitchen too. We've owned our home 16 years and I'd already love to redo my kitchen. I have lots of ideas for our space!