Monday, April 14, 2014

Finnish Cardamom Rolls

Yesterday, because I wasn't in the mood to do much or clean house, I baked.  Finnish Cardamom Rolls.  It's a process, but it's not hard either.  I quite enjoyed doing it.  And the outcome was super delicious according to CR!!

So if you feel like trying something new, I got the recipe from a cooking blog I follow called Jo Cooks.  Here is the website:

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Ulla said...

They look delicious and the recipe in your link sounds like it should be! You will get the layers better in place if you press on the top narrow edge with your fingers before brushing them with egg. Trust me, I'm Finnish too.

Candace said...

Don't those look good, Tammy! I can almost smell them from here! You sure encouraged some quilt commerce on your day trip! What great finds!

Lady of the Cloth said...

Those rolls look yummy. I hope you are doing ok. I always worry a bit when you are absent from your blog. You are so much better than me. I abandoned my blog due to computer problems after an update.
Make it a good day!