Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Oh my he's got me wrapped around his paw.  He's currently residing in my sewing room so he can adjust to the house and the other 2 boys can sniff at him and he at them from the door.  I have my make up mirror in there and so now when I put my make up on, he's on my shoulder and nuzzling my neck, it's tricky drawing my eyebrows on, but I get it done.  He is such a love, he is so sweet and so loving.  I simply don't understand how people can dump or hurt these precious animals.  Here is his latest picture - oh and it's not easy to get a picture because he wants to be on you getting lots of love.

Oh that precious face!!
Happy Stitches and Hugs,


DeAnna S said...

What a cute boy. He looks like he's posing just for you.

Jackie said...

Definitely does not fit into the stereotype cat profile! The little guy is probably so grateful to find such a loving forever home.

Carline said...

He looks like a Maine Coon cat. We had one that looked just like him that lived 23 years. What a cute face.