Friday, April 4, 2014

Signs of Spring

We've slowly come out of the emotional funk from my last posting.  We've both found that you let it sink in, you have your sad days and then you put a smile on your face and keep on keeping on.  So we are keeping on so to speak.

Lots of signs of spring in our yard, in fact CR mowed the other day, so the lawn as well as everything else is coming to life again.  Here are a few flowers and bushes around the yard:

Meanwhile I've been busy in the evenings with my doggy block embroidery and have 2 more blocks completed:

And I also did the quilting for my red work wall hanging, now I just have to hand sew the binding down.

I got a call from the Ortho doc's office yesterday - a couple of weeks ago it was decided that I should see him about the knee replacement and I had the Urologists office call to explain my treatments, etc so I got an appt. for the 14th, well they called to say he'd be out of the office and they needed to reschedule me for the 21st.  That did not make me happy, it would be 3 weeks of waiting by the 14th and now they wanted me to wait another week.  I was frustrated and let the gal know it, she then called back about a minute after I hung up with her to say she had a cancellation this coming Monday and they could get me in at 9:20.  Much better, if the Ortho here still won't do it, then I'll be making an appointment with the doc in Spokane who did my hip replacement.  If he has concerns about doing it with my treatments I will trust him more than the doc's here.  I know he'll at least call the Uro and get the information needed to make the right decision for me.  I do hope the local doc will do the replacement though, it would be much easier on CR if I was in the hospital here.  We shall see.

I have another quilt that I'm sewing the binding on right now, I can't wait to show you a picture of it as soon as I'm done.

This weekend should be quiet, not much of anything planned.  Staying close to home and relaxing with yoga pants on.

What are your plans?

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Your flowers are a great welcome to spring! What's the name of the plant in the frame - the one under the pic of pink hyacinths? Your kitty quilt is fabulous, and the dog blocks are such fun!

Jackie said...

You have such gorgeous flowers and foliage in your yard! It gets too hot too fast here to keep much color in the yard in summer. And it's summer now as we've had days in the high 80's already.

Carline said...

I am expecting company sometime today. My sister in law and her husband. She is my favorite of Bob's family so I am really looking forward to spending time with her. Of course that meant a lot of cleaning, shopping and cooking but it is good to have an excuse to get it all done at once.
My son who lives there and is a tree guy (arborist) cut one of his fingers off and mangled the rest of his hand on Thursday. He had a 4 1/2 hour surgery and they think they will save the finger. He can't smoke or drink coffee for 6 weeks though. I guess God has ways of getting us to live a more healthy life and he has wanted to quit smoking so now's his chance. Too bad it took something like this though.
Good luck with the ortho on Monday. You are in my prayers.