Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunny Sunday

It is a beautiful day in our neck of the woods and later this week it's supposed to be in the mid-70's for temps.  Come on Springtime!!

This weekend my knee has really been sore, so I decided to try to stay off of it and do some hand sewing.  I got my floating stars red and white quilt back from the quilters this week, so I put the binding on it and finished hand sewing it down this afternoon and then took it outside for some sunny pictures of it.

And for now, since it's a lap size, I have it on a favorite chair that Maddie likes to sit on.

In the past I think I've mentioned that our one cat - Chanceman likes to "gift" us stuff.  Many a morning I'll come out of the bedroom and he's brought something from my sewing room and set it there for me. I call it his way of bringing us gifts much a like an outdoor cat might bring a bird or mouse to the door.  So when CR works outside on things or if we leave to go somewhere, Chanceman will bring slippers out of the bedroom for us when we get home, etc.  Today, when I was headed for the door to take pictures outside of the quilt, I found that Chanceman had brought out both of CR's slippers, one of mine and we have no idea how he got them down, CR's sweats that were hanging on a drawer knob.  Here he is, ever so proud of all he's done:

That's our boy, he is a sweetheart and he loves us.  I can't believe he's 10 and still doing things like this.  He hasn't slowed down that is for sure.

Tomorrow morning at 9:20am (ugh) I will see the orthopedic doc and see if he will do my knee replacement or if I'll be going to Spokane to the doc who did my hip replacement.  It should be interesting.  I pray we can have it done here, it would just be a lot easier on us.

Then Tuesday we will meet up with 2 other couples who are wonderful friends that we've known for years.  It will be nice to meet them for lunch and have some fun.  The past week was rough emotionally for us and while we are doing better, we always need fun and friends to make life better.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Your quilt has turned out beautifully! What a funny cat you are, Chanceman - quite a clown. I hope you get the answer you want from your doctor, living with pain is not good.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Fantastic quilt, Tammy. The colors and the design are perfection. I've never made that pattern before but now I might give it a try.
Sewing my binding is my least favorite part of quilting but I'm always happy when the quilt's complete and ready to use. Congratulations! xo jj