Thursday, May 1, 2014


Oh the angst of a new resident in the house.  The fat cats are not at all amused, at least now they will venture around the house, the past couple of days, they stayed in the bedroom and they were ticked.  Chanceman even hissed at Scotchie. 

Even today, they've spent a fair amount of time in the bedroom, on the bed, however I haven't been privy to any hissing:

Rascal has been in quarantine to allow everybody to sniff through the door and adjust.  Also, he needs to be neutered, his hormones are in high gear and when he sees his new brothers and his doggy sister, he growls and wants to be a bit aggressive.  So tomorrow, 7:30am, somebody is losing his little nuttos and we will all be happier for it - including him.  Here is his "night before the snip" photo:

My friend Carline said he looked like a Maine Coon Cat and by golly I looked it up and I believe he is.  Thought I'd ask our vet her opinion when he goes in tomorrow.  I will tell you this, he is a lover.  When he is in my sewing room I can't sew or put make up on or anything with out him hanging on my shoulder, purring, and nuzzling my neck, rubbing against my face.  I've never met a cat quite like him and I am smitten to say the least. 

Now my boys would tell you they are being ignored and nobody loves them, but in fact they are getting more attention than usual to reassure them they are still loved and still live here and we love everybody the same. 

Madison had a big day today.  We got up early, I baked a batch of blueberry muffins and our friend Ken and his dog Gracie came over for lattes and muffins out on the deck.  It's been in the 80's the last 2 days and just gorgeous.  Maddie loves to see Ken and Gracie.  I told her about a half hour before the time that Ken and Gracie were coming over, she got so excited she jumped into the chair to look out the window - then she looked at me like "well, where are they".  We had a nice visit and then after they left, we took a drive out to North Pasco to the egg farm to get some eggs.  Wow, what is it about chicken farms and flies, there were hundreds of flies about today. 

I was busy this afternoon quilting my new table cloth, however a little Rascal wouldn't let me snip the threads and get it ready for the binding - so tomorrow while he is at the Vets, I'm going hurry up and do that part.  Everything is a toy at the moment.

I hope the weather is as gorgeous for you as it is for us. 

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

I'm sure everyone will settle in nicely soon! I hope Rascals surgery goes well.

Sweet Tea said...

Uh-oh! Poor Rascal is in for a rough day tomorrow!! :-)

Candace said...

What an exciting time for everyone in your house lately, Tammy! If Rascal has HUGE paws even on his scrawny body, he could be Maine Coon, otherwise I would doubt it, but he definitely has the right coloring. I want to hear more about the egg farm!

Prairie Stitcher said...

Hi Tammy: It looks like spring has sprung out of the picture, here. 82 today. We have so much yard work to do! Tons. It'll have to get done early in the morning if this keeps up. Love to hear about the kitties. They do look annoyed, the older residents. Hope they all meld well eventually. They do need lots of hugs, don't they? Such great companions. We're lucky to have them.