Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Embroidery Finish

I finished this adorable angel a couple of days ago, but I've been so busy I didn't get it pressed and photographed till yesterday.  She will be a pillow when I'm done.

Of course she's in green, because we all know how much I love green.  I like her so much I'm going to make another and tuck it away as a gift.

Saturday was a crazy day around here.  Our friends Cathy and Bob asked us over for a cook out and although a tad late, I made a custard pie for Cathy's birthday (it's her favorite) and took it to the dinner.  Thing is when I took it out of the oven, I dumped it, all over the oven, etc.  So I made a second custard pie and luckily got it out of the oven without incident.  I also made CR a rhubarb pie. 

Meanwhile, on Saturday CR was busy assembling a few shelving units from Costco for me.  Really nice metal shelves, and put them in the room we just cleared out.  I'm going to put all my kitchen stuff on the shelves.  So yesterday I began that process and got quite a bit accomplished, but way more to go.  I figure if I can get things we don't use daily taken care of then it won't be such a scramble when the time comes and also since it will be after my surgery, CR won't have so much to do.

Speaking of my knee replacement - 10 days till surgery.  It's a busy week, Rascal gets his 2nd round of shots, I see the dentist for my cleaning, I'm also getting my hair cut, and Maddie is too (shhhh, don't tell her, she'd rather not get groomed) and we are getting new siding installed starting tomorrow.  On top of that I'm dusting this week, then early next week I'll do the final cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen, vacuum and mop and that will be it for a while for me.  CR will keep things cleaned, but I like to give everything a good cleaning when I know I'll be laid up for a while.  The great thing is, I'm on schedule and I should accomplish everything on my list before the 29th.  Of course you know I'm probably forgetting something, but whatever it is, well it must not be that important!!

I took this picture of Rascal this weekend.  I washed the bathroom rug and dried it and looked in and saw this:

Apparently a freshly cleaned rug is a good place to take a nap.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

Of course it is!

What a sweet little angel - she will make a pretty cushion. Wow, Tammy, you are certainly living your life in a whirl......just as well you will be doing a bit less for a while! *grin*