Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Siding

Today was the day we got our house sided.  The crew arrived at 7am, which meant I was up, showered and ready to go at 5am because I had a dentist appt. and a haircut on top of everything else going on.  We had pulled the 5th wheel out so that we could hang out in there with the kids, because who wants a headache from all the banging on the house, right!  And our fur babies would have been so freaked out by it all, no way would we allow that.

I thought I'd bore you with before, during and after pictures, but first a serious of pictures with Maddie and Rascal looking out the screen door of the 5th wheel:

Gee Dawg, what is going on
What are all those peoples doing to our house Dawg

You know for a Dawg, you're not to bad

In fact I might just like you, how about a kiss

Wow Dawg, you have the worst breath - I'm not gonna kiss you again!!
And now for some house pictures - I'll try to keep them at a minimum.  The crew started at 7, had the old siding off by 9 and finished with everything they had to do by 3:30.  The painters will be here on Thursday.
Before - old siding

Old siding is removed

Protective wrapping before putting the new siding on:

New siding, smaller (in some areas) window trim, new house vents, etc

The paint will be a light grey house with a dark grey trim.  We are so pleased with how it looks and so happy with the guy and his crew - Steve, owner of Exteriors II who did the work.

Tomorrow we will find a new outside porch light and we also need to buy all the cabinet and drawer pulls for our new kitchen.  We have to have them before the kitchen install and I'm not going to care about it after surgery, so we need to get it done before.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Is the new siding made of wood? That's a good series of pics of Maddie and Rascal!

Candace said...

Oh Tammy - I am just cracking up! Rascal and Maddie are toooo adorable! Glad you got through the siding - it sure does look fantastic!

Prairie Stitcher said...

Tammy - what a cute house and the new siding is wonderful! All in one day, to. Wow. Take care and keep writing! I've been slow getting back to the blog very much since I was ill but should be picking up speed here soon. Thanks for sharing.