Monday, May 12, 2014

Planting Complete

Once, every year, I do something green thumbish.  Only once mind you, because I don't really have a green thumb or the knowledge/interest to have one.  So once a year I go to the nursery with CR, pick the plants for my 2 hanging baskets and my 8 flower buckets on the deck and I plant them, and then I am done.  CR does all the prep work with the soil, sets up the drip system so they get water and all the rest.  The past few years I've been crazy for a little flower called million belles or super belles.  They are awesome, they get bushy, they flow over the top of the planters, they don't require any dead heading - just water, simple, easy, beautiful and blooms all summer long.   Now that is the perfect flower if you ask me.  I also put out my frog deck decorations at this time too.  A job that I had to get done before my new knee.

Here is my deck:

I got those metal flags a couple of years ago for a buck each, so I put them in my planters

Of course we must have a doggy holding a welcome sign!

And a kitty angel to welcome all as well.

Yep, the man has 2 bbq's - one is a gas grill and the other is a smoker "Traeger" grill

Years ago my Aunties and my friend Becky and I spent a week or so in the
Smokey Mtn's and I found this wonderful frog water faucet at Cracker Barrel and had it shipped home.
Our Peonies are gorgeous this year, they are tall and the buds are huge.  Usually they are blooming and gorgeous around Memorial Day, but this year I do believe they will be all bloomed out well before then. 

Here are a few other plants and such around the yard that are looking especially beautiful:

Our beautiful hosta - it was just a tiny start given to me by a friend about 6 years ago.

Our Rhody - it is going to be magnificent this year.  Look at all those buds - can't wait to see it in full bloom

some Sedum

Yep, I can't begin to tell you what it is, but it's beautiful

Our Japanese Maple
So one more thing done on my list.  It was a warm day in the mid-70's with a nice mild breeze so it was nice to be outside.  My knee didn't especially enjoy it, but when does my knee enjoy anything lately.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Your deck is looking very pretty! I think I had a hanging basket of those little flowers, but it came to grief in the storm that took our big tree. The maple tree is lovely too.

Candace said...

So beautiful, Tammy! I've not seen that sedum and want some! Your pretty purple pernnials is Russian Sage.