Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Talk About Relaxed..............

Things in the cat community are progressing, slowly!  There certainly isn't as much growling as there was and Rascal is as charming as can be.

Last night he was laying next to CR - on top of CR's check books stuff on the side table of the couch and boy was he relaxed and chillin:

 And on the other side of CR - the doggy, who doesn't seem to phase Rassy any more, thank goodness.

The only real issue is Scotchie at this point.  The two of them have not reached a peaceful co-existence yet and in the early morning want to get into it a bit.

I think they'll work it out and may even be good buddies one of these days.  Meanwhile Chanceman is cool with Rascal, they're not napping together, but he's a pretty calm and chill kind of guy and really as long as you don't take his favorite napping spots he's okay.

I've been feverishly cleaning out the back bedroom and giving away a lot of stuff and tossing a lot of stuff and Rascal has been "helping" me.  Everything is fun and games till I accidentally step on his tail, then I'm in trouble. 

Pretty much everything is done and cleaned out.  I've emptied an antique oak buffet I have back there as well as a small chest of drawers.  I'm going to try to sell the buffet, but the chest of drawers I will donate. 

Now that the room is cleaned out, I plan to put all the kitchen stuff in there for the remodel.  We got confirmation that our cabinets should arrive between June 8th and June 14th.

And this next Tuesday we will be having new siding put on the house.  Things are moving right along and I'm getting a lot accomplished.  I think I work best under pressure and deadlines.

Well more to do, so Happy Stitches and Hugs!


Jennifer said... is certainly moving along at your house! Good to hear that the cats are sorting out their pecking order at last.

Sweet Tea said...

You're a brave soul to bring a new " baby" into the mix, but you sound experienced so I'm sure it's gonna all work out...I need to do some deep cleaning much like you're doing. Waiting for the mood to strike. It could be a long wait. *wink

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Tammy,
I've just caught up on your posts and all I can say is WOW! No grass is growing under your feet. You've been one busy lady with more coming up-- the kitchen and the siding, all before your surgery. I take my hat off to you.

Your garden and all the planting is looking great. Peonies are one of my all time favorite flowers and yours are gorgeous! We (or at least I) can't grown them here in LA so I always loving seeing everyone elses.

It's a brutal 100 degrees here and will stay that way for a few more days. It's even too hot for me to sew! Darn.

Keep up the good work but don't over do it. I'm counting down with you til surgery.....

xo jj

Carline said...

I love to see the kitties. They are so funny , the way they interact.
I am going to be in your neck of the woods next week taking care of my son as he is going in for another surgery today. Maybe I can leave him with my hubby and get together for a quick cuppa.

Boy are you busy, I envy you getting your house all spiffed up.

Candace said...

One thing can be said for sure - there is always a lot of entertainment at your house even when things are relaxed ;>) Sounds like you'll have all your chores done in no time, Tammy!

Jackie said...

Scotchie is probably a bit jealous I would imagine. I know with Sammie, my youngest pup had to realize that playtime was on Sammie's terms. Then we had to recognize that time was generally 4:30am! I have every confidence your crew will work it out.