Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow, Thursday - May 29th is the big day - finally a new knee that will keep me walking and shopping for fabric for years to come.

I just heard from the hospital and I am to report in at 7:45 in the morning.

This morning I started my day with a 7:20am appointment with my massage therapist and it was heaven.  Once home my CPM machine arrived.  CPM stands for Continuous Passive Movement.  The doctor wants me to use it 8 to 10 hours a day.  I'll have one in the hospital as well.  They start it out bending your knee 80 degrees and in the 3 weeks I'll be using it I will need to get it up to 120 degrees bending my knee.  I'll be in PT as well during that time and for a few weeks after.

Here is my new best friend:

Maybe I should call it Captain - as it's going to be in charge of me for a while, haha

While I was having fun in my sewing room and starting a new and very special quilt, CR was busy outside.  We bought a new outside light fixture to replace the old one.  New siding just required a new fixture:

And this morning we got a very pleasant surprise - Scotchie and Rascal were laying in the sun together and a few minutes later all 3 of the boys were playing with each other.  We still may have some tussles, but it's getting better with each day and it's so nice to see.
Scotchie and Rascal
Rascal LOVES toys more than any cat we've ever had and he is constantly playing.  Our other boys have gotten in on the action, while they're not as playful as Rassie, they've been having some fun too.  Chanceman turned 11 this past week and he's been chasing around the house with Rassie.
Well that is it for now.  I'll be in the hospital about 3 days and once I'm home and can focus on the screen I will post how I'm doing.
Happy Stitches and Hugs!!


Jennifer said...

Your machine looks like a medieval torture machine.......I hope it isn't, really! Isn't it good to see all the cats finally getting along.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Tammy, I'll be sending you prayers and cheering you on tomorrow and all through your recovery.
Hang in there, my friend.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

I loved my CPM! I used to take the best naps when I was in that thing. I am really glad to see you will have one as I think it makes a big difference in how the knee performs. Good luck. I've been through it twice and it's one of the best things I ever did.

Sweet Tea said...

Praying for you, Tammy. I KNOW you're tired of having a sore knee and soon that will be history. Will be anxious to have you check in on your blog when you can.

Ulla said...

Best wishes for a successful operation and speedy recovery!

Prairie Stitcher said...

Godspeed, Tam. I'm saying a prayer right now for your quick recovery. You're a great example to us of courage in out later years. I'll be anxiously awaiting your next post to see how you are.