Monday, June 9, 2014

It's The Little Things

After a big surgery like this (or any other for that matter), all the little things add up and they make you feel good when you accomplish them.  After a bit of a set back last week, I ended PT with a 100 degree bend on my knee which is really good - the goal is a 120 degree bend if not better when all is said and done.  I can hobble a  bit more without the walker, but I still have it close for balance.  I can put weight on my leg without horrible shooting pains (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it), I can maneuver around so much easier than just a week ago.  But it's all baby steps, so they might not even be visible to someone looking at me, but inside I know when I've done something I couldn't do a day or two before.

I'm still taking meds for pain, something I'm not thrilled about, but the drug combo they have me on is doing a great job of keeping the pain level low and not making me feel like crap in the process.  Sometimes I'm hungry, sometimes I'm not, I guess that is the drugs too. 

I was pretty proud of myself on Sunday as I made scrambled eggs with fruit for breakfast and put a potato salad together for dinner.  CR helped - he is a huge help and I was able to do some things that make me feel useful.

I see the doctor next week to get the staples out and also next week should be exciting as our new cabinet are set to be delivered on Monday, whoohoo.  We are ready!!

Hope all is well with you, I've not been reading much in blog land or anywhere for that matter, I don't seem to have the focus to do so yet.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Tammy, you are going great guns......well done, girl! Just take it steady and don't try to do more than what your body is happy doing.

Carline said...

Omaward and upward my friend. It won't be long at all till you are running a marathon? Make it a good day. carline

Jackie said...

I can't believe you are up and in the kitchen! Of course, I should have realized you'd be an overachiever!

Prairie Stitcher said...

Thanks for the update. You know we're all thrilled for your every new step. Keep up the good work!

Sweet Tea said...

You're the Bionic Superwoman, Tam! So glad the pain is being managed and you've done so well with the PT. Telling Mister abt you and trying to get him to think abt knee replacement.

Carole May said...

Hope you are up to full speed soon Tammy!

Judy said...

Congratulations on your progress!! Best wishes on a full recovery and full motion with your knee. Take care of yourself.