Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let the Chaos Begin

We have a busy week ahead.  Monday I have PT and following that I finally get the staples out of my knee.  Last Thursday was 2 weeks since surgery and I'm progressing really nicely.  My physical therapist told me that within the first 3 weeks of surgery, they want you to have at least a 100 degree bend on the knee, well as of last Thursday I was at 110, so safe to say I'm well on my way to 120 degrees, which is the minimum bend, some can get more.  I'll take whatever I can get as long as I get the minimum at least.  Then Tuesday our cabinets will arrive.  From there they have to be unpacked and inspected by our contractor for damage.  If there is damage they will have to re-order and we'll wait for everything to arrive, if all is well, then we should be on the schedule soon.

It's been awhile since I posted anything about Rascal and how he's fitting into the family.  I'm happy to say that all the boys seem to be friends now and they play and wrestle together every morning before it's time to sleep the day away. Rascal doesn't sleep as much as the other 2, but he's young yet.  He loves cat toys and currently he's getting rascally with a plastic ball that has a bell in it.  Rascal also loves to put balls and mice under the stove and fridge, etc and then watch his dad fish them out with the help of a yard stick.  He is a wild man at times and then when he gets tired and a bit naughty, he'll come to me, nestle on my neck and fall asleep - nothing like having a kitty snore in your ear.  With the pain meds, it's a nice little break for me too.  I use it as an excuse that I must need a nap also so Rassy is just making sure I slow down and take one.

I have a basket that holds a few lap size quilts and lately the boys - Rascal and Scotchie have been taking turns napping in the basket:

Rascal LOVES that darn basket, so Scotchie had to enjoy it as well.  It's harder for Scotchie to get in and under the handles.  He's 17 pounds and Rascal is only 8 pounds.  But Scotchie was determined and he did it!!

I took the above picture of Maddie the other day.  She was exhausted - after all she is my nurse and is constantly making sure I am okay, checking on me (I'm not allowed to close the bathroom door just in case I need her it would seem) and of course I need kisses for healing so she gives me kisses through out the day.  She is the best nurse in town I'll tell ya!!

I went into the back room where we are storing all the kitchen stuff and saw this adorable kitty statue - only his eyes moved.  Chanceman never turns down a challenge to get to high places while disturbing nothing.  The cat is a talent.  He also is helping with nursing duties, he gets in my lap a couple times a day so I can pet him and he purrs and rubs on me.  Now I must say that when he gets on my lap, he avoids my stitches area and most of that leg in general.  He knows it hurts and he will not step or lay on it.

Not much else to share.  Looking forward to the kitchen starting soon and to getting my staples out as they tend to hurt and get annoying after a while.

I want to thank a few of my blogging friends and other friends who read my blog for sending me sweet cards and funny cards, you all have made my day.

Hope you all are enjoying Fathers Day!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

It sounds like you're going so very well!

Lots of exciting things going on with your kitchen remodel. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing the pictures. It's something we need to do in the next few years but I'm dreading it. Maybe we'll save that for retirement!

Jennifer said...

Wonderful pictures! It's amazing how animals know just when we need comfort, isn't it?

Carline said...

I am glad you are doing so well! Don't you just love those fur babies? My kitty, Heidi just brought me a mouse. We have a Dog/kitty door and I can't tell you what all she has brought indoors! Aaaarrrgg.

I can't imagine life without pets.

Aren't you getting excited about your new kitchen? It will be beautiful. Take care. Carline