Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Blueberries are On

With my new knee and my focus being on PT and just moving around as normally as possible I almost forgot about blueberry picking.  Luckily CR looked at the website and found out that they opened for picking on the 17.  So today we went out to our favorite organic blueberry farm and picked 19 pounds of blueberries.  CR picked 2 buckets full and I only got one bucket full.  It's not easy when you have a new knee to pick those suckers and it's exhausting and thanks to the pain meds buckets of sweat poured off of me.  Wow, not the fun time I usually have.  CR also helped me wash and dry them, put them in baggies and get them into the freezer.  Man I hate not being able to pull my weight and do my part.  We are going to try to go out again tomorrow and another day to get enough put up for the winter.

Our cabinets got inspected this past Sunday and 2 of them have to be re-ordered.  One of the two looks like someone dropped it off of a truck.  So that will hold up any remodeling till the new cabinets arrive.  Just as well, allows me more time to get this knee in better shape.

When I came home from the hospital I was on a 12 long lasting pain med with another pain med prescription for when I had break through pain.  Well the long lasting pain med ended on Saturday and I'm having a terrible time getting the other pain med to work.  I seem to have to take one every 4 hours and honestly I start pacing every 3.5 hours waiting for the 4th hour and relief.  It's crazy.  I may call the doctor.  The thing is I hate pain meds, so I don't want more, but I also am having issues with the pain.  What a big baby, right.

Still no sewing or embroidery.  Before it was lack of focus, now it's pain issues and trying to get myself on a schedule that accommodates these issues.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

Not a baby at all! No one gets a prize for hurting.

Jennifer said...

You're not being a baby........you are being sensible by contacting the doctor. There are no prizes for carrying on through pain! If your body says "I hurt", then listen to it......there will be plenty of time to go on with other 'stuff' once this is all sorted out.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'd say all those blueberries were a MAJOR accomplishment for you, Tammy! I am very impressed. Good for you.

You are so right to check in with the docs regarding your pain. Suffering in silence never worked for me! (Just as my husband ;-) I always speak up and I'm glad you do too.

I hope you got some comfort and are feeling better each day.

Cheering you on... xo jj

Candace said...

Mercy! I can't believe you were able to do that, Tammy! Way to go, girl! Too bad you can't come over here and pick - we have nine bushes just loaded! Sorry to hear about the cabinets, but good they will replace them. Not to worry about the pain meds - I fought with them for over a month before I found a happy medium. You'll get there!

Sweet Tea said...

So sorry that pain is still chasing you. You are a trooper out pickin' berries regardless. Call the doc, Tam. No need to suffer when you could have relief. Maybe pickin' berries is a little aggressive for you at this time, but must say those blueberries look sooooo yummy!!

Prairie Stitcher said...

Well, take it easy on yourself. You've never done this before (had your leg purposely broken for you). It's a big deal. So, COMPLAIN, already. Squeak, said the wheel. We're cheering you on, I hope, and helping you heal (hey, that rymes with wheel....). `~' Kathie

Prairie Stitcher said...

Very yummy. You are doing great!