Sunday, July 6, 2014


Focus is something I didn't have for quite a while.  Those darn drugs just mess with my ability to read, sew, embroider, etc.  Mostly they allow me to drool a lot and wonder if I should be doing something, anything, but only wonder - lets not get crazy and actually do it mind you!!  If I did get anything done it took a lot of internal "you can do it" talk to get there.

But lately I seem to have more focus, not enough to drive mind you - can't drive on drugs, just not worth it.  But I picked up my embroidery again.  And I finished something.

This will be a pillow when all is said and done for my good friend Robyn.  I didn't have much left to do on it, so I decided to try and see if I could concentrate and finish it, hooray for me  -  I did.

We had a nice 4th of July here.  Our friend Ken and Kelly & Roy came over.  We had yummy appetizers that included salami, cheeses, grapes, bread, crackers and a dip for the bread.  For dinner we had beer can chicken, pasta salad and a Chocolate Rootbeer Pound cake with a white chocolate frosting for desert.

Then that night I died I was so tired that I didn't even watch the fireworks.  I was on the go for 2 days and I guess I didn't realize how much I'd done and how it had gotten to me.  The night of the 4th I was having trouble getting my pain under control and I was so wiped out that I slept till 9:30 the next morning.  Now that is unheard of for me, I'm usually up by 7 most of the time.  We didn't go to breakfast or farmers market yesterday sadly.  But I did have the energy to go to the grocery store and a day of rest was all I needed to get back on track.  Tired or not, I don't regret having people over for the 4th as it was a good time and fun to do.  Part of our celebration was Kelly retiring.  I'm so thrilled for her and now we can get together in the middle of the week and have sew days, etc.

I have to update you on my little Rascal.  He is one amazing little cat.  Recently he's taken to bringing the ball with a bell in it to me on my recliner and I throw it for him, he retrieves it and comes back with it to be thrown again.  I've never know a cat who loves to play as much as this little guy.  All those toys are finally being put to good use.  He also loves to put things under the fridge, stove, etc and then it's great fun to help Dad get them out with the flashlight and a yard stick.  Great fun people!!  He is up to 11 pounds now and very healthy and happy and still an extremely snuggly little guy who comes to me several times a day to nuzzle my neck and take a nap and purr the whole time.

One of Rascal's favorite places to take a nap is the basket of quilts - I love how
relaxed he is despite his back end hanging out of the basket

Thank you all for the prayers for my Auntie.  She had a test to determine if her heart valve was leaking enough to warrant surgery and while it is leaking a bit, not enough to do surgery so she doesn't have to worry about that right now.  She's been through a lot this year and I'm so grateful she doesn't have to deal with a surgery too.  That said she is a trooper and would do it and not complain if it was needed.

Now if you wouldn't mind another prayer/good vibe request.  Our friend Charlotte's father is really ill.  He didn't feel good and went to the doctor only to find out he has cancer, liver I believe and given that he is 89, things are not looking good.  Kelly got a text on the 4th that he was in the hospital and that they would be looking into hospice.  Char's dad has been super healthy with the exception of a heart attack in his 50's so you can imagine how hard this is on our friend.  It is never easy to see someone you love in this circumstance and that you know they will be leaving you soon.  I pray everyday to give her strength for what is ahead and for her mom and dad too.

Alright, perhaps with my sewing mojo and focus back you'll be seeing some more finishes out of me.  Our new cabinets to replace the damaged ones should arrive on the 14th and hopefully we will have a brand new kitchen sooner rather than later.  I truly can't wait for the messy process to begin.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend if you live in the states and a wonderful weekend for everyone else.

And a very Happy Birthday to my friend Becky in the Chicago area.  Hope she is celebrating and making the most of it!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

Your recent finish is gorgeous. Love the thread color you chose too!

Sounds like you had a busy holiday! Your menu sounds delicious. My parents came up and my MIL came over and then we had a quiet evening. It's been nice to have a long weekend.

Jennifer said...

What a pretty embroidery! Perhaps you have been asking a bit much of your recovery? Oh my, isn't Rascal growing......young cats are such fun. Tammy, I wish your friend and her father peace and the strength to cope with what lies ahead for them.

Candace said...

Glad to hear you had a good 4th, Tammy! Being worn out is a good thing - means you're getting back in the swing! Did you make the pasta salad recipe I sent? Just so you know - Sasha and Gracie May have been over in the middle of the night teaching Rascal to hide the ball and fetch it ;>)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sending prayers to Charlotte's father. xoxo

Great news for your Auntie. So glad surgery isn't required at this time.

And glad you are back to needlepointing! That's real progress.

SOunds like you had a lovely 4th, albeit and early evening for you. Glad you were able to sleep in and rest up.

Take good care of yourself.
xoxo jj