Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oh the Torture

Hi Everybody, it's Maddie.  Oh the torture - my parents took me to see Meredith for a "day of beauty" which I think is 2 hours of torture and it exhausts me so much.  Mom said a lot of you commented that I was gorgeous and I thank you - I think I'm pretty too.  I mean my folks tell me every day I'm a pretty girl and I believe them.  They also tell me I'm a sweetheart and I sure do try to be!!

It was a rough day all around.  My newest brother Rascal was in a jiggy mood today and really went after me, so I finally had to get testy with him and let him know that he'd gotten on my last nerve.  I didn't hurt him, but he got the business end of my last nerve and I think he'll think twice before bugging me like that again.  I'm a really good girl with my 3 feline brothers and very patient with them and my folks, so Mom and Dad told me that it was okay that I let him have it.

As you can see I'm totally worn out from all that primping, thankfully it's only every 6 weeks!!


Mom wanted me to tell you that her and Dad really enjoyed the Old Wives Cake that she posted about yesterday.  It has a definite anise taste and since they both love anise, they thought it was wonderful.  It's not to strong of a taste and the cake is somewhat dense and the texture of a sponge cake.  Of course I didn't get any, dog gone it!!

May your leash be long and your treats plentiful,

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Jennifer said...

Maddie, you look very spiffy today......and you will be much cooler in the hot weather after your trim, so it was worth it!