Thursday, July 31, 2014

Priming and Painting

Today we are busy priming and painting a wall and one other area in the kitchen.  Tomorrow they will finish the cabinet install.

Yesterday the counter top man was here to measure and make a template for my counter tops, backsplashes and sink - which I won't get for 3 to 4 weeks.  Also our electrician was here to put in the plug ins on one side of the kitchen so I can plug the refrigerator, washer, dryer, coffee pot and espresso machine in - a girl has her priorities.  The wall by the sink will wait till the final tile is placed after the counter tops and backsplash - translation, perhaps by mid September this remodel will be done.

Until then I am practicing patience as much as possible.  Yesterday I scrubbed & cleaned the 5th wheel so we can move out of it.  Today I've been cleaning bathrooms in the house and I need to vacuum and mop too.  I don't think what is left to be done will create a mess of any measure on the kitchen floor and at least it will be scrubbed before we move appliances back in. 

As for us moving back in - Saturday, can I get a big cheer.  I just need to be back in the house and I don't care that I'll have to use the bathroom sink to wash dishes at this point.  That sink will be so clean we won't know what to do with it, since I'll want to clean it after it's used by CR for shaving, etc.  I think it will all work out and hey we have a utility sink in the garage that we can use, or the 5th wheel sink.  We won't put the 5th wheel away because the 2nd week in August we'll be in Spokane for the week with our cancer doctors tests and check ups and such.  I have a feeling the cats and our dog will rebel after 2 weeks in it already.

No pictures today, nothing much to show but painting.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pictures for you with the doors on, hardware on, molding put up.

Now if I could just kill that last darn fly in my house - little sucker is so fast he keeps getting away.  But I have killed 3 of his friends, so at least we are down to one and hopefully we won't get anymore tomorrow.

We are still in the triple digits and it's just so hot outside it's painful.  The air conditioner in the 5th wheel runs constantly by the afternoon trying to keep up.  You see it's sitting in our driveway, in full sun and the driveway is some super hot asphalt by mid afternoon.  No shade, no nothing. 

I have to say we are both exhausted, but we are so ready to move into the house that the heat and exhaustion won't keep us from that goal.

What plans do you have for the weekend?  I sure hope it's fun filled, unlike ours!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

Just keep on keeping the finished kitchen in mind, and you will get through!