Friday, July 25, 2014

The Trouble with Old Houses...............

The trouble with old houses is................they are always trouble, nothing is simple, surprises await you at every turn, nothing is cheap, and on and on I can go.

We had the kitchen demo on Monday and it went easy, breezy, done in about 3 hours.  So far so good, right.  Then Tuesday our electrician showed up to add some plug ins and a light above the sink and that is where the trouble started.  I believe I've mentioned that our house is 70 or so years old.  So of course things aren't up to the codes of today, but it gets worse than that.  First, we needed a new circuit breaker box.  All of the circuits were full and well some of them were so outdated I'm not sure they were safe.  So we made the big (translated - EXPENSIVE) decision to replace the box.  With that came a whole new set of troubles.  The dryer plug in was wired all wrong, there was a wire behind the wall not turned off properly (don't ask me - I don't do electrical), a multitude of issues and the worst offense of them all - our house was not grounded.  How we didn't have a house fire is any one's guess.  I think someone above was definitely looking out for us.

As of this morning we are electrically sound and the house is grounded - whew!!

Here are some pictures of the current state of the kitchen and the new electrical box.

During all of this we were without power in the house which meant no phone, Internet, cable - nothing, it was a long 2 days.

Living in the 5th wheel has had its challenges as well.  The day we moved our stuff and the kids in, I fell up the stairs and landed on my new knee - 2 days of bad pain, but luckily I didn't lose any of the bend I'd gotten and as of today I now can bend my knee to 122 degrees (the goal was 120), so a bonus of 2 degrees is just fine for me, in fact it made my day.

Then yesterday I scraped the scar area, yikes that hurt too.  Nothing like the fall, but seriously if I have to be clumsy (and I am) do I have to keep targeting my darn new knee. 

Cliff is busy patching the walls, etc and then we will paint tomorrow or Sunday.  Cabinet install is set for Monday and Tuesday and then 3 to 4 weeks till we get a sink and counter tops.  That kind of sucks, but once done it will be awesome and during that time we'll be gone for a week to Spokane for our doctor appointments (last 3 chemos coming up and then I'm done).  I can also put a lot of the kitchen away and get the house cleaned up after the HUGE mess that's been made beyond what we thought would be made.

I'm busy in the sewing room on a project that I hope to have done soon and off to my quilter in short order.  I have a deadline for this one and while it's a ways away, I can't wait till the last minute either.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Candace said...

Whew - all's well that ends well, Tammy! Are you channeling your new kitchen now (wink)?! Have a great weekend!

Jackie said...

Hope the worst of the remodel is behind you! Looking forward to seeing what your cabinets look like.

Sending you some bubble wrap!!!! 😀

Prairie Stitcher said...

Okay. We can't make a cake without breaking eggs, right? such are kitchens. Now, about breaking (or breaking IN) new knees, cut it out already! You're having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, we can see that.You'll enjoy the results. You're so brave.

Jennifer said...

We had an older house re-wired many years ago - it was expensive, but worth every penny for the peace of mind! A new kitchen is a big job but is definitely worth waiting for. Take care of that new knee!