Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Do you have welcome signs at your front door?  We have always had a sign of some sort and years ago CR bought me this super cool welcome sign with a bear that was on the side of our house.  The sign was originally very rustic (rusty looking).  When we resided the house, we wanted to hang it closer to our front door and we decided it was time to change up it's look.  So CR recently spray painted it black and it looks fabulous!!

Welcome to our house:


Today was a rough day at PT.  I woke up with a stiff leg and knee and it just has not loosened up at all.  My exercises were difficult and rather than the 115 degree bend I got on Monday, darn knee would only give a 112 degree bend.  It also was not being cooperative in straightening out.  And I can honestly say it's been aching all darn day.  I hope that tomorrow it comes around and isn't so stiff, I mean really, didn't it get the memo that I have goals!!

Today I baked CR a cake recipe I found a few weeks ago.  It's called an Old Wives Cake and it's origins are Dutch.  It sounded so interesting and it has anise in it.  It's still cooling so I can't tell you yet if we like it, but it sure smells good and looks pretty:

If you're interested in the recipe I found it here at Jo Cooks.  She has some great recipes and I love to read about what she is cooking or baking.

I'm going to finally get started on a very special quilt - everything is set out and ready (I did all the cutting before surgery - so the hard part is done).  I've been busy with other silly little things around the house so I'm a bit late getting to my sewing, but that's okay, at least I feel up to it and have the focus to do it.

It's over 100 right now and is supposed to stay that way for several days.  Typical for this time of year in our area.  It's just not fun to be outside when it's this hot though, so I stay inside.  CR still goes outside and does stuff - I personally don't know how he does it in the heat of the day.  He's always puttering around and busy.

Tomorrow Madison has a day of beauty, which means bath and a haircut and it also means she will not be happy with me.  While she is getting her beauty on, I'll be at my friend Kelly's house visiting and checking out a quilt she recently made.  I can't wait to see this quilt the fabrics she described to me are gorgeous and I love the pattern she used.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

So sorry to hear you had a rough day and a tough PT session. I would think that sometimes that would be the case - did the physical therapist say what they thought was going on?

Jennifer said...

Tammy, sometimes recovery is three steps forward and one back.....but the backward steps will ease. I love your front door sign! Tell Madison from me that I'm sure she will be just gorgeous when she has been beautified.

Judy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the stiffness in your knee. It seems like it's a long road back after you have knee surgery. Mmmm, your cake looks delicious! Can you send a piece my way ;-)

Prairie Stitcher said...

Madison probably thinks she's a beauty without all the fuss, right? I know I do (think she's beautiful). But the fuss helps prevent the muss that we all mussst avoid. Tell her we understand because, sometimes, we're just too tired to crawl into the shower, ourselves. But we must fuss to avoid the muss.....and so on. Do you think she feels any better after reading this? Did she perk up her ears and cock her head?

And you, poor girl. There must be a little inflammation in there making it hard to work with. Maybe a little rest will help? It's not supposed to get too hot today, but look out Saturday through the week next week. 100 plus all over the eastern half.....I suppose the Seattlites will be complaining, too. Wow. Aren't we glad we have something to stitch?

Stay cool and don't worry too much. Tomorrow will be better.

Take care, Kathie

Candace said...

I know from experience that you sometimes have to go a step back to get forward, Tammy. Hang in there and you'll do great! Love your welcome sign! Miss Maddie will be tooting her horn over how cute she'll be - after a little complaining first ;>) Stay cool!