Saturday, August 30, 2014

What Happens When You Fall on Asphalt

Cliff was outside today washing the 5th wheel and getting it all cleaned up so we could park it back in the garage.  While he was busy with that I ran a few errands and grocery shopped.  I finally felt good enough today to get out and do things.  When I got home, Cliff was inside, he came around the corner and this is what I saw:

Poor guy tripped over a cord for the 5th wheel and landed on the driveway head first.  He said that he didn't black out and his bad shoulder hurts worse than his head does.  He's been icing it like a good boy every since.  I was so shocked when I saw him - I wasn't gone that long and he didn't even call me to come help him out.  Last August he took a tumble out of a flower bed and cracked some ribs and landed on his behind on the asphalt driveway.  I think next August we won't be able to leave him to his own devices - there seems to be a mishap pattern going on here. 
Or I could get him a life alert that senses when he's not on his own two feet and calls my cell phone, hmmm, maybe I can invent that.
Okay enough picking on my poor hubby.  Last night I got the cutest picture of Rascal.  When he lays like this it's hard for me to not rub his adorable tummy and I usually do rub it.  The problem is there are a couple of spots that when rubbed just right tickle the heck out of him and he doesn't like it.  But oh that little tummy is so soft and sweet:

He can be such a little stinker, but so darn adorable and sweet when he sleeps.

We had a big wind kick up for a while and it looked like it was going to rain, but so far, not a drop.  A friend dropped off a bunch of huge peaches for me today, so my cobbler recipe says you can mix up the peach part of the recipe and freeze it.  Well now we have 3 peach cobbler fillings in the freezer and ready for the winter, yummy.  I also got beautiful, crisp, fresh off the tree apples at Farmers Market today.  They looked so good that I got to the car, and got an apple out and ate one on the way home.  It was so delicious. 

Well I have a few things I still need to get done and a peach cobbler in the oven for Cliff - it will help his boo-boo I'm sure.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Interviews with the Children

Most of you who have cats, dogs or both know that any type of disruption in the house is a complete and total travesty and really ruins their day, or in our case, many weeks of their little lives.  I mean really parents should not screw with napping, eating, more napping schedules.  But in the case of the Edwards Children, their lives have been turned upside down of late - they have horrible parents and as soon as they figure out how to use a phone they will be calling child protective services.

We'll start our interviews with Rascal, the baby of the family:

At first the usually talkative Rascal wasn't in the mood to be interviewed. 
It seems a fly had gotten into the house and he was on the hunt
The first day they stuck me in a room with my brothers, how boring, all those guys do is sleep.  Today I thought I had it made, the guy was here to do the grout and we were free to roam.  My brothers were off napping somewhere and I was right in the middle of the action.  The guy had this bucket of water and that really caught my attention.  Then my darn Dad was worried I'd go for a swim in the bucket or dump it, so he put me in Mom's sewing room to behave myself.  I mean really, I wouldn't have done that - nope, not me, look at my sweet and innocent face!!  I just wanted to help him!!

Interview with Scotchie:
I really am not interested in discussing the events of the past few weeks, especially the last 2 days.  I do not like strangers and the only way I will entertain coping with this is to hide and pretend the mess and the strange people do not exist. 
Please leave, I'm trying to catch up on my sleep.  But you may come back later and give me a tummy rub - I like that!!

Interview with Chanceman:

Well, I should have been asked to help, after all I'm totally into construction of any kind, but no, they didn't want me to help, so I just slept through as much of it as possible.  Sure my feelings were hurt, but what more can a guy do.  Me and my big guy (Dad) will probably do small construction jobs around the house and I'll get to help with that, so I'm cool.  I mean Dad couldn't do a job without me - really, you can ask him!!  I even have to help him when he's on the computer.

Interview with Maddie:

Dad - do I have to tell her anything.  Can't I plead the 5th?  I don't want to do this unless treats for me are involved!!

Okay so here it is in a nutshell - I DO NOT like the alarm clock.  When it goes off I am highly disturbed and Dad makes me go outside before I'm ready to wake up, let alone move.  If I had my way we would not be allowed to ever wake up before 7am, preferably 8am and we'd always go to bed by 9pm.  But you two never let me have my way and it's cruel.  I mean I may look like a pampered princess, but trust me people, they treat me awful, especially when they make me wake up to an alarm clock.  Animal Cruelty!!  I feel so misunderstood!
One last thing.  Maddie and I went out to the garage to paint the  S E W letters in my sewing room.  They were originally white and after looking at them for a year I knew I wanted to paint them a sunset orange color to go on my morning sunshine yellow wall.  We think it turned out pretty!

Don't tell Maddie, but the alarm is going to go off next week too, we still need the electrician to come in and finish his work and next Friday we have to be in Spokane by 11 for my second treatment.  She is not going to be amused.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, August 29, 2014


This morning the guys showed up to grout the tile.  People who know me, know I LOVE my coffee, and so it should be fitting that the color of the grout I chose is called Latte.  Seems fitting, right.


Now we just need to let it cure and get our electrician here to finish his job.  It's almost done and since this all started in June, I think it's about time!!

Speaking of my love of coffee.  There is a coffee roaster in Spokane called Thomas Hammer and we love their coffee.  They have a signature roast that they use for their espresso drinks and that is what we first tasted.  So we recently purchased some to bring home while we were in Spokane.  We liked it so much I went online to get more and also bought a couple drip brews - their 20th Anniversary blend and their Blue Eyes blend, both are delicious.

I love their orange bags and orange cups.  Wonder if they know orange is the color for bladder cancer?

Cliff's Radiation Oncologist (RO) called him this morning as he had an appointment with her for this afternoon to discuss any possibilities for more radiation.  His Medical Oncologist (MO) wanted him to meet with the RO to see.  We had met with The RO in January about it and at that time he was maxed out, but to satisfy the MO we made an appointment.  Well the RO wants to talk directly to the MO to understand what she wants to know before we go in, we may end up not seeing the RO at all for that matter.  So we've rescheduled for next Thursday, unless we find out there is no reason to go in. 

I'm moving slow today, rather tired but overall things are straightening out and I'm feeling better.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Thursday, August 28, 2014


So today, we got tiled, a day early in fact.  Tomorrow morning they will do the grout, and then hopefully Tuesday our electrician will finish off the plug-ins on the tiled wall.  It was hard to get a good picture of what they did around the window, but hopefully you can see.  We are just thrilled with it.

Stove area

Sink area - you can see the window pretty good here.

I have to say I love all the selections we made and I would not change a thing!!

Tape and red spacers will be gone when the grout goes in, they just did that to secure the tile and let the stuff behind it dry well.

Today I haven't felt well at all.  Had to have Cliff get me some cranberry juice as Betty Bladder is still being bitchy.  The cranberry juice does seem to be helping.  Mercy I'm glad I don't have a treatment this week, but I'm a bit afraid of the next 2 with the trouble I've had with this one.  That said I'm putting my big girl panties on and gritting my teeth to get through it because it's the end and that makes it all worth it!!

Been busy in the sewing room, but I can't show you a darn thing.  I'll schedule a post for after I've gone back east with pictures for you all to see.

Until then, Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Working Kitchen Sink

I am beyond happy tonight.  I have a working kitchen sink again.  We have the best plumber and he made it look so easy.  Being an older house our outside clean water faucet is right outside our kitchen window and had to be disconnected for the demolition of the kitchen.  So he got that all connected and it's all so wonderful because now CR can wash my car, haha:

I went all modern and got the type of faucet that the end piece comes away from the hook part and is a sprayer.  Off to the right is a soap dispenser where I'm putting my dish soap because I only use foaming kitchen lemon soap from Bath and Body works for hand soap.  Our plumber told us the foaming soap is much better for drains, a lot of soft soaps are such gloppy gels that they will clog your drain.  And there is my plumbing public service announcement for the day.  Who knew!!

We also got our new microwave out of the box and on it's new counter top:

I looked and priced microwaves at several places and as always Costco had just what I wanted and at the best price.  Lord I love Costco!!

And here is my Pie Wall hanging in it's rightful place covering the electrical circuit box.  I think I should have made the sashings a tad smaller so that the border didn't hang down a bit past the backsplash.  Oh well, live and learn.  I want to do a coffee cup embroidery hanging too so now I will know.  My big Kitchen Aid mixer will go on the countertop closest to the wall hanging.

I used a pattern for a much bigger wall hanging and then cut the measurements back on all the parts to make it fit, but I should have cut back just an inch or so more. 

Just got a call, the tile guys were scheduled to be here Friday morning at 8:30am, however they are showing up tomorrow morning at 8:30am and then will come back late Friday to do the final sealing of the tile.  How exciting is that.  I can't wait to finish putting the kitchen back together.

Well not much else to tell you.  Should have pictures of our beautiful travertine tile to show you tomorrow and then pictures of the kitchen put together on the weekend.  In the meantime I have sewing to do.  Visiting the Aunties in October and I can't go back empty handed.  Lots in the works!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Finally, the day has come and I have counter tops and a sink.  I can't wipe them down or do anything to them till tomorrow.  Currently the silicone they use to bond them down with is so strong I think it's giving me a headache.  That said - the headache is worth it, the counter tops are gorgeous:

Our plumber will be here at 9am tomorrow morning to connect some things, install and connect the faucet, etc.  Wow, I can't wait to have an actual working kitchen sink!!

Friday the tile guys will be here and then it is done!!

I finished the wall hanging to cover the electrical circuit breaker box, I just need to hand sew down the binding and get it in place.

It was Cliff's idea to put a wall hanging up to hide the box and he is thrilled with what I did, so as long as he's happy, I'm happy.  And I am happy with it, I think it's pretty cute.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Farm Fun

Yesterday we loaded up Madison and went out to meet our friend Ken at his farm/garden.  It was a lovely morning, not to hot and Maddie was in farm heaven exploring and eating grass and following Ken's dog Gracie (a golden) around.

Cliff and I picked raspberries, peaches, nectarines, cuc's, tomatoes and some delicious red seedless grapes.  I even tasted a goji berry - I'd never tried one, they're quite sweet, not sure what they use them for so I didn't pick any.

Once home, I did some baking.  First up I made Cliff a peach cobbler:

I've been told by Cliff, that of all the recipes I've tried this is the keeper.  So I guess I've finally found the perfect recipe.  I found it at Barefeet in the Kitchen, it's a great site with many wonderful recipes.

I also made the most delicious Savory Tomato Pie recipe for dinner.  My friend Candace at Squash House Quilts shared it with me.  Candace is so wonderful to share recipes and quilting and embroidery ideas and tips with me.  I credit her for getting me started on embroidery which is a new love of mine. 

After all of that I was exhausted last night as I crawled to the bedroom to sleep.  This first round of my treatments has me in chemo flu hell and while it's a bit better I'm still feeling rough, typically it's gone by now.  But the body remembers and that is why it has gotten increasingly worse as I've had more and more treatments.  Thankfully whatever it throws my way will be the last of it, so I can endure it with a smile.

This morning I caught Rascal and Scotchie playing on the kitty condo.  I couldn't believe Scotchie was in the hole, after all he is 17 pounds of cat.  They were so cute and luckily I got a picture of them:

Oh man she caught us, pretend we're not doing a thing, okay!
I'm outta here dude, this is like a girdle it's so small in here.
Ah come on man, come back, I want to smack you on the head some more.
I'm to big for that thing dude, if you let me be on top I'll think about it.  Or maybe I'll just take a nap..............
oh hey Mom, we was just playing, really, I wasn't being a bad boy, nope, not me, I'm an angel (teehee).

If I could just get Rascal to stop being a bit aggressive with the doggy it would really help, but he's a little stinker so I imagine it's just going to take time.  Maddie has stopped holding back and gives it to him if he annoys her to much.  She is a very sweet and patient girl, but she can only take so much.

We are off to a day of beauty for Maddie, or as I like to call it - DOB - you can't say it out loud cuz she knows what you are talking about.  She's not fond of getting groomed, but once there she's a good girl.

I've got some sewing I must get to and hopefully I feel okay enough to concentrate and get started.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Step Closer

Today we got one step closer to getting our kitchen complete.  CR and our friend Ken installed the stove vent.  It's amazing - I haven't had one in the house and it will be so nice.  I'm not saying this ever happens, but on the off chance a pie might spill over, well the vent will take that burn smell right out of the house. 

Isn't it gorgeous.  It has 3 fan speeds and 3 light brightness levels. 

Thankfully our schedule is all confirmed next week.  The counter tops/sink will be installed on Tuesday afternoon, the plumber will be here Wednesday to install the new faucet and connect things back up and Friday they will be here to install the travertine tile.  Then the following Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) our electrician will be here to finish off the outlets and lights once the tile is done.  And then it will be complete.  This has certainly been a good lesson in patience for me and I don't plan to ever redo the kitchen again!!

I needed to figure out a way to have our schedule and appointment calendars where they can be seen as well as appointment cards, etc.  So I came up with this idea:

I think it works really well for us, I have a few more things to hang back on the walls, but I decided to wait till the counter tops and tile were in before I finished it up.

I ordered the most adorable pattern from Crabapple Hill Studios called Whoooterville.  It's embroidery and quilting and the owls are adorable.

I just had my first of 3 treatments and while it's not been to painful it hit me like a freight train.  I've been exhausted and extremely sick with a horrible headache too.  I call it the chemo flu.  Luckily it's winding down now, but it hit me hard and the past 24+ hours have been rough.

One of the things we did while in Spokane a couple weeks ago was see my husbands Oncologist.  His PSA was 29.87, and really concerned the doctors.  That's very high and yet his bone scan (which is where his cancer typically goes next) is clean as was his cat scan.  With a PSA like that, the cancer should be showing somewhere.  So they are redoing his PSA, he's seeing his radiation oncologist to see if there are any radiation options (we believe he's maxed out on that, but we will see) and the Oncologist is presenting all of his tests and findings to the Urology and Tumor board meeting on September 3rd.  The board meets once a month and it's a good way to get all the doctors together and discuss and perhaps suggest other ideas.  We certainly appreciate that she does things like this so that all options are explored.  We will have an appt. with her on the 11 of Sept to hear what was suggested and get a path forward.  It's been rough, we know the cancer is there and very active, but it's not showing up in the tests and scans.  Poor CR feels as if there is a ticking time bomb in him and when is it going to go off.  It's just a horrible feeling of helplessness.  Thank god we have good doctors.

This week I have off from treatments as the PA's are both out of the office and I need to have the treatments a week apart.  So I'll get the very last treatments the following 2 weeks and then be done, whoohoo.

I haven't done much this weekend but lay around.  Thankfully it's only in the 80's around here so it's nice to have it a bit cooler and more pleasant.  I hope you all are having a wonderful and fun weekend.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recent Projects

Last week was crazy busy with appointments, but that doesn't mean I didn't have time to embroider.  I had purchased this adorable kit for a small table runner from Bird Brain Designs and before we left I transferred the patterns to my muslin and actually finished all three while we were gone.  The pattern is called Three Christmas Friends:

I also did some blanket stitching for a new kitchen project.  When we had to have our electrical re-done and a new breaker box put in, the box was larger than what we had.  So what to do to cover the unsightly box??  Cliff suggested a wall hanging to hide it.  I remembered this cute pattern I had for a pie wall hanging, but I didn't want the wall hanging to be as wide as what the pattern called for, so I only made part of it.  Here are the Pie, Peach Pie and Apple Pie blocks that will make up the wall hanging:

They'll be sashed with the wild blue and green fabric with white in the cornerstones and then bordered with the green check material:

And this is what they will cover up:

In newer homes the box is usually in the attached garage, but we don't have an attached garage and this home is 70+ years old, so cover it we must!!

When I did some fabric shopping to celebrate my good news, I found this fabric that I plan to make into a cover for my big Kitchen Aid Mixer:

The top fabric with the design will be the main part and then the solid green will be the ends and the binding.  I think it should look really good.

So as you can see I've been busy and enjoying my embroidery.  The weather here has cooled off into the 80's, which I think is perfect weather.  Today we even have a slight breeze which is wonderful.  I cleaned house yesterday, so today I need to go out to the 5th wheel and do the same.  Cleaning is such a thankless job, you do it and then a few hours later it seems to need it all over again.

My 1st treatment is this Friday and I'm not looking forward to it, but I will do it and then only 2 to go.  I have next week off from it due to the PA being gone, and then do it for the following 2 weeks and be DONE!!  Good thing I have next week off, the counter top people tell me that Tuesday, Aug. 26 is the tentative date for counter tops and a sink - finally.  Then Wednesday the plumber will come in and hook everything back up.  Then Friday the tile people have us scheduled for the travertine tile install.  Almost done, and I'll be so happy to check that off the list of things we need to do.  Also this weekend CR and our friend Ken will be installing my new stove vent.  I haven't had one all these years and I'm excited to finally have one for when I cook, it will be awesome.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Monday, August 18, 2014


Last week was so exhausting and all we did was go to doctor appointments.  The good news is that I was tumor free and in the next few weeks I'll do my very LAST three treatments and then I will be in remission and I will only go to the Urologist once a year to make sure I stay tumor free.

So after all that, what's a girl to do - go fabric shopping to celebrate!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Blast from the Past

Greetings!!  I have the house mostly put back together.  The one living room we emptied is a living room again and since a lot of it was stored in the garage, and CR was busy hooking up appliances, etc, I decided to haul a lot of it back into the house myself.  Kind of a mistake, my knee swelled and hurt and finally today it feels back to normal.  But here's the thing - I got it done.  I had this huge to do list in my head and until the clutter of that list was accomplished I just couldn't sit still and take it slow.  There was just to much to do.................anybody else like that?

Now for the easy stuff, putting stuff in my kitchen cabinets and organizing, and moving stuff from one place to the next because it will fit better here or there, it's a process, and one I'm taking slowly.  My knee sort of demanded I slow down, so I did.  I called the counter top people and we should get our counter tops and sink the week after next.  Good thing it's not next week as we'll be in Spokane.  So all in all it's working out well.  Tomorrow the tile people will come measure for the back splash tile so that as soon as the counter tops are done, the tile can go up and the rest of the electrical can be finished on that wall.

One of the things I've done this afternoon is put my spices away.  We have a LOT of spices, rubs, etc and lord what a mess.  I went through it all checking dates, is it something we used, if we had 2, one was tossed and got that big mess back in control.  Something I should have done years ago.  I've read that spices like basil, oregano (green spices) you should give a sniff test to, if they don't smell like the spice should, toss and replace. 

I got my hair cut today.  I got it cut super short and I love it.  I guess I'm just a super short hair girl at heart and since menopause my hair has some curl to it, so having to use a flat iron and spending more than 2 minutes on my hair was just to much.  I'm a wash, blow dry/finger style and go girl.  And that is what I have once again.  Here's the picture I used for my stylist:

My stylist and I were talking about her daughters being in 4-H and that they had sheep.  I was telling here that I was once in 4-H and had sheep as well.  I told her I had a picture of when I was 11 (1971) and had a bummer lamb (an orphan lamb whom I bottle fed) named Little X in the fair.  She wanted to see the picture so I scanned it and put it on Facebook for her to be able to see and show her kids.  Thought I'd give you all a laugh and share it with you.

I even did a demonstration that year on how to bottle feed a bummer lamb and won a trip to 4-H camp where I had a blast, learned to dance, slow danced with a boy (blush) and found out about all sorts of things listening to the older girls talk.  It was so much fun.

It's still in the triple digits here and then I want to slap the weatherman when he says things like, well it should be cooling off in the next few days and the temps that are supposedly cooler are 98 and 99, whoohoo, yeah that's frosty - NOT.  Darn weatherman!!

Well back to the kitchen I go....................................

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cabinets are Complete

What a day.  The cabinet guys completed their work, our electrical inspection passed, we can now find our bed again and with the exception of the dryer, all appliances are in the kitchen.  Here's a look at the kitchen now:

Washer has to be pushed back and dryer put in place.  The cabinet to their side will be my Espresso machine area.

The cabinet by the fridge will hold the microwave on the counter top.

Things left to do - countertops and 4 inch backsplash, then travertine tile on that whole wall, wire in a light above the sink and a light under the far right top cabinets (both lights will have a switch to the left of the window and finish the electrical connections once the tile is done.  Then one last electrical inspection.

We will have to install the stove vent above the range and hook up the electrical wire on it.  Travertine tile will be on the back wall as well.  The cabinet to the left of the stove will hide my garbage can.  But first I have to buy a shorter garbage can to fit, oy vey!!

Another view looking into the kitchen at where the sink will go, etc

Another view of the other side
 Our drawer pulls and cupboard door knobs.  A bronze finish and our new sink faucet will be the same finish.  Should look really nice when all put together.

My poor hubby is just beat, he has worked so hard repairing a couple of walls, sanding, priming, painting, up early to put a second coat of paint on the one wall.  I am telling you the guy deserves a luxury vacation, but I think he'll just settle for sleeping in the house and the comforts of home and stretching out a bit.  Even the cats are sick of the small space.  I swear the dog has learned to roll her eyes at us she is so tired of it all.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,