Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Blast from the Past

Greetings!!  I have the house mostly put back together.  The one living room we emptied is a living room again and since a lot of it was stored in the garage, and CR was busy hooking up appliances, etc, I decided to haul a lot of it back into the house myself.  Kind of a mistake, my knee swelled and hurt and finally today it feels back to normal.  But here's the thing - I got it done.  I had this huge to do list in my head and until the clutter of that list was accomplished I just couldn't sit still and take it slow.  There was just to much to do.................anybody else like that?

Now for the easy stuff, putting stuff in my kitchen cabinets and organizing, and moving stuff from one place to the next because it will fit better here or there, it's a process, and one I'm taking slowly.  My knee sort of demanded I slow down, so I did.  I called the counter top people and we should get our counter tops and sink the week after next.  Good thing it's not next week as we'll be in Spokane.  So all in all it's working out well.  Tomorrow the tile people will come measure for the back splash tile so that as soon as the counter tops are done, the tile can go up and the rest of the electrical can be finished on that wall.

One of the things I've done this afternoon is put my spices away.  We have a LOT of spices, rubs, etc and lord what a mess.  I went through it all checking dates, is it something we used, if we had 2, one was tossed and got that big mess back in control.  Something I should have done years ago.  I've read that spices like basil, oregano (green spices) you should give a sniff test to, if they don't smell like the spice should, toss and replace. 

I got my hair cut today.  I got it cut super short and I love it.  I guess I'm just a super short hair girl at heart and since menopause my hair has some curl to it, so having to use a flat iron and spending more than 2 minutes on my hair was just to much.  I'm a wash, blow dry/finger style and go girl.  And that is what I have once again.  Here's the picture I used for my stylist:

My stylist and I were talking about her daughters being in 4-H and that they had sheep.  I was telling here that I was once in 4-H and had sheep as well.  I told her I had a picture of when I was 11 (1971) and had a bummer lamb (an orphan lamb whom I bottle fed) named Little X in the fair.  She wanted to see the picture so I scanned it and put it on Facebook for her to be able to see and show her kids.  Thought I'd give you all a laugh and share it with you.

I even did a demonstration that year on how to bottle feed a bummer lamb and won a trip to 4-H camp where I had a blast, learned to dance, slow danced with a boy (blush) and found out about all sorts of things listening to the older girls talk.  It was so much fun.

It's still in the triple digits here and then I want to slap the weatherman when he says things like, well it should be cooling off in the next few days and the temps that are supposedly cooler are 98 and 99, whoohoo, yeah that's frosty - NOT.  Darn weatherman!!

Well back to the kitchen I go....................................

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jennifer said...

Weren't you a cute little thing! I'm not ready to give up my long hair yet......I would miss it in winter as it keeps my neck warm. Glad to hear that the house is slowly returning to normal for you.

Jackie said...

My favorite part about having short hair is that I can go from a wet head to styled in 5 minutes. The bad thing is that I have to get it cut faithfully every 4 weeks.

Sounds like you're in the home stretch with the renovations!

Candace said...

Two things we have in common, Tammy - the same haircut and I was also in 4-H albeit with horses!