Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Working Kitchen Sink

I am beyond happy tonight.  I have a working kitchen sink again.  We have the best plumber and he made it look so easy.  Being an older house our outside clean water faucet is right outside our kitchen window and had to be disconnected for the demolition of the kitchen.  So he got that all connected and it's all so wonderful because now CR can wash my car, haha:

I went all modern and got the type of faucet that the end piece comes away from the hook part and is a sprayer.  Off to the right is a soap dispenser where I'm putting my dish soap because I only use foaming kitchen lemon soap from Bath and Body works for hand soap.  Our plumber told us the foaming soap is much better for drains, a lot of soft soaps are such gloppy gels that they will clog your drain.  And there is my plumbing public service announcement for the day.  Who knew!!

We also got our new microwave out of the box and on it's new counter top:

I looked and priced microwaves at several places and as always Costco had just what I wanted and at the best price.  Lord I love Costco!!

And here is my Pie Wall hanging in it's rightful place covering the electrical circuit box.  I think I should have made the sashings a tad smaller so that the border didn't hang down a bit past the backsplash.  Oh well, live and learn.  I want to do a coffee cup embroidery hanging too so now I will know.  My big Kitchen Aid mixer will go on the countertop closest to the wall hanging.

I used a pattern for a much bigger wall hanging and then cut the measurements back on all the parts to make it fit, but I should have cut back just an inch or so more. 

Just got a call, the tile guys were scheduled to be here Friday morning at 8:30am, however they are showing up tomorrow morning at 8:30am and then will come back late Friday to do the final sealing of the tile.  How exciting is that.  I can't wait to finish putting the kitchen back together.

Well not much else to tell you.  Should have pictures of our beautiful travertine tile to show you tomorrow and then pictures of the kitchen put together on the weekend.  In the meantime I have sewing to do.  Visiting the Aunties in October and I can't go back empty handed.  Lots in the works!!

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

Everything is coming together beautifully! I want to get that type of faucet when we remodel. Love it!

Jennifer said...

How nice is that all looking!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Almost done! It's looking fantastic, Tammy!!! So excited for you.
xo jj

Lady of the Cloth said...

Just beautiful! I came to Richland on sunday for my son's baptism in the Columbia River. It was a quick trip over and back. One of these times when I am there, i am going to give you a call and get together.