Monday, August 25, 2014

Farm Fun

Yesterday we loaded up Madison and went out to meet our friend Ken at his farm/garden.  It was a lovely morning, not to hot and Maddie was in farm heaven exploring and eating grass and following Ken's dog Gracie (a golden) around.

Cliff and I picked raspberries, peaches, nectarines, cuc's, tomatoes and some delicious red seedless grapes.  I even tasted a goji berry - I'd never tried one, they're quite sweet, not sure what they use them for so I didn't pick any.

Once home, I did some baking.  First up I made Cliff a peach cobbler:

I've been told by Cliff, that of all the recipes I've tried this is the keeper.  So I guess I've finally found the perfect recipe.  I found it at Barefeet in the Kitchen, it's a great site with many wonderful recipes.

I also made the most delicious Savory Tomato Pie recipe for dinner.  My friend Candace at Squash House Quilts shared it with me.  Candace is so wonderful to share recipes and quilting and embroidery ideas and tips with me.  I credit her for getting me started on embroidery which is a new love of mine. 

After all of that I was exhausted last night as I crawled to the bedroom to sleep.  This first round of my treatments has me in chemo flu hell and while it's a bit better I'm still feeling rough, typically it's gone by now.  But the body remembers and that is why it has gotten increasingly worse as I've had more and more treatments.  Thankfully whatever it throws my way will be the last of it, so I can endure it with a smile.

This morning I caught Rascal and Scotchie playing on the kitty condo.  I couldn't believe Scotchie was in the hole, after all he is 17 pounds of cat.  They were so cute and luckily I got a picture of them:

Oh man she caught us, pretend we're not doing a thing, okay!
I'm outta here dude, this is like a girdle it's so small in here.
Ah come on man, come back, I want to smack you on the head some more.
I'm to big for that thing dude, if you let me be on top I'll think about it.  Or maybe I'll just take a nap..............
oh hey Mom, we was just playing, really, I wasn't being a bad boy, nope, not me, I'm an angel (teehee).

If I could just get Rascal to stop being a bit aggressive with the doggy it would really help, but he's a little stinker so I imagine it's just going to take time.  Maddie has stopped holding back and gives it to him if he annoys her to much.  She is a very sweet and patient girl, but she can only take so much.

We are off to a day of beauty for Maddie, or as I like to call it - DOB - you can't say it out loud cuz she knows what you are talking about.  She's not fond of getting groomed, but once there she's a good girl.

I've got some sewing I must get to and hopefully I feel okay enough to concentrate and get started.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

Mad die will certainly put him in his place when she has had enough! Cody had a day if beauty this weekend and he came home very over it too. Poor pups!

Jennifer said...

Those cats are so funny! Maddie will soon let young Rascal know when he has overstepped the mark with her, for sure. That peach cobbler looks so good, and I bet it smells good too. Even though it's so unpleasant you are on the last step of treatments - not much more to go now.

Candace said... made the tomato pie - great! I'm always happy to share, Tammy - I'm so proud of your embroidery, too. That peach cobbler looks absolutely yummy - I printed it immediately when I saw it and now I'll make it for sure! Glad you're getting close to being done with Chemo! We should have a fabric shopping day to celebrate when you're all done!