Friday, August 29, 2014


This morning the guys showed up to grout the tile.  People who know me, know I LOVE my coffee, and so it should be fitting that the color of the grout I chose is called Latte.  Seems fitting, right.


Now we just need to let it cure and get our electrician here to finish his job.  It's almost done and since this all started in June, I think it's about time!!

Speaking of my love of coffee.  There is a coffee roaster in Spokane called Thomas Hammer and we love their coffee.  They have a signature roast that they use for their espresso drinks and that is what we first tasted.  So we recently purchased some to bring home while we were in Spokane.  We liked it so much I went online to get more and also bought a couple drip brews - their 20th Anniversary blend and their Blue Eyes blend, both are delicious.

I love their orange bags and orange cups.  Wonder if they know orange is the color for bladder cancer?

Cliff's Radiation Oncologist (RO) called him this morning as he had an appointment with her for this afternoon to discuss any possibilities for more radiation.  His Medical Oncologist (MO) wanted him to meet with the RO to see.  We had met with The RO in January about it and at that time he was maxed out, but to satisfy the MO we made an appointment.  Well the RO wants to talk directly to the MO to understand what she wants to know before we go in, we may end up not seeing the RO at all for that matter.  So we've rescheduled for next Thursday, unless we find out there is no reason to go in. 

I'm moving slow today, rather tired but overall things are straightening out and I'm feeling better.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

Your new kitchen is lovely - yes, it has been a long time coming - but it's been worth waiting for! Sending best wishes and good thoughts to Cliff too.