Saturday, August 30, 2014

Interviews with the Children

Most of you who have cats, dogs or both know that any type of disruption in the house is a complete and total travesty and really ruins their day, or in our case, many weeks of their little lives.  I mean really parents should not screw with napping, eating, more napping schedules.  But in the case of the Edwards Children, their lives have been turned upside down of late - they have horrible parents and as soon as they figure out how to use a phone they will be calling child protective services.

We'll start our interviews with Rascal, the baby of the family:

At first the usually talkative Rascal wasn't in the mood to be interviewed. 
It seems a fly had gotten into the house and he was on the hunt
The first day they stuck me in a room with my brothers, how boring, all those guys do is sleep.  Today I thought I had it made, the guy was here to do the grout and we were free to roam.  My brothers were off napping somewhere and I was right in the middle of the action.  The guy had this bucket of water and that really caught my attention.  Then my darn Dad was worried I'd go for a swim in the bucket or dump it, so he put me in Mom's sewing room to behave myself.  I mean really, I wouldn't have done that - nope, not me, look at my sweet and innocent face!!  I just wanted to help him!!

Interview with Scotchie:
I really am not interested in discussing the events of the past few weeks, especially the last 2 days.  I do not like strangers and the only way I will entertain coping with this is to hide and pretend the mess and the strange people do not exist. 
Please leave, I'm trying to catch up on my sleep.  But you may come back later and give me a tummy rub - I like that!!

Interview with Chanceman:

Well, I should have been asked to help, after all I'm totally into construction of any kind, but no, they didn't want me to help, so I just slept through as much of it as possible.  Sure my feelings were hurt, but what more can a guy do.  Me and my big guy (Dad) will probably do small construction jobs around the house and I'll get to help with that, so I'm cool.  I mean Dad couldn't do a job without me - really, you can ask him!!  I even have to help him when he's on the computer.

Interview with Maddie:

Dad - do I have to tell her anything.  Can't I plead the 5th?  I don't want to do this unless treats for me are involved!!

Okay so here it is in a nutshell - I DO NOT like the alarm clock.  When it goes off I am highly disturbed and Dad makes me go outside before I'm ready to wake up, let alone move.  If I had my way we would not be allowed to ever wake up before 7am, preferably 8am and we'd always go to bed by 9pm.  But you two never let me have my way and it's cruel.  I mean I may look like a pampered princess, but trust me people, they treat me awful, especially when they make me wake up to an alarm clock.  Animal Cruelty!!  I feel so misunderstood!
One last thing.  Maddie and I went out to the garage to paint the  S E W letters in my sewing room.  They were originally white and after looking at them for a year I knew I wanted to paint them a sunset orange color to go on my morning sunshine yellow wall.  We think it turned out pretty!

Don't tell Maddie, but the alarm is going to go off next week too, we still need the electrician to come in and finish his work and next Friday we have to be in Spokane by 11 for my second treatment.  She is not going to be amused.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,

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Jennifer said...

It's always to hear the views of the younger members of the Edwards family! Maddie, I'm with you on alarm clocks you know. Never mind, youngsters, you will soon have your peaceful life back again!