Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Step Closer

Today we got one step closer to getting our kitchen complete.  CR and our friend Ken installed the stove vent.  It's amazing - I haven't had one in the house and it will be so nice.  I'm not saying this ever happens, but on the off chance a pie might spill over, well the vent will take that burn smell right out of the house. 

Isn't it gorgeous.  It has 3 fan speeds and 3 light brightness levels. 

Thankfully our schedule is all confirmed next week.  The counter tops/sink will be installed on Tuesday afternoon, the plumber will be here Wednesday to install the new faucet and connect things back up and Friday they will be here to install the travertine tile.  Then the following Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) our electrician will be here to finish off the outlets and lights once the tile is done.  And then it will be complete.  This has certainly been a good lesson in patience for me and I don't plan to ever redo the kitchen again!!

I needed to figure out a way to have our schedule and appointment calendars where they can be seen as well as appointment cards, etc.  So I came up with this idea:

I think it works really well for us, I have a few more things to hang back on the walls, but I decided to wait till the counter tops and tile were in before I finished it up.

I ordered the most adorable pattern from Crabapple Hill Studios called Whoooterville.  It's embroidery and quilting and the owls are adorable.

I just had my first of 3 treatments and while it's not been to painful it hit me like a freight train.  I've been exhausted and extremely sick with a horrible headache too.  I call it the chemo flu.  Luckily it's winding down now, but it hit me hard and the past 24+ hours have been rough.

One of the things we did while in Spokane a couple weeks ago was see my husbands Oncologist.  His PSA was 29.87, and really concerned the doctors.  That's very high and yet his bone scan (which is where his cancer typically goes next) is clean as was his cat scan.  With a PSA like that, the cancer should be showing somewhere.  So they are redoing his PSA, he's seeing his radiation oncologist to see if there are any radiation options (we believe he's maxed out on that, but we will see) and the Oncologist is presenting all of his tests and findings to the Urology and Tumor board meeting on September 3rd.  The board meets once a month and it's a good way to get all the doctors together and discuss and perhaps suggest other ideas.  We certainly appreciate that she does things like this so that all options are explored.  We will have an appt. with her on the 11 of Sept to hear what was suggested and get a path forward.  It's been rough, we know the cancer is there and very active, but it's not showing up in the tests and scans.  Poor CR feels as if there is a ticking time bomb in him and when is it going to go off.  It's just a horrible feeling of helplessness.  Thank god we have good doctors.

This week I have off from treatments as the PA's are both out of the office and I need to have the treatments a week apart.  So I'll get the very last treatments the following 2 weeks and then be done, whoohoo.

I haven't done much this weekend but lay around.  Thankfully it's only in the 80's around here so it's nice to have it a bit cooler and more pleasant.  I hope you all are having a wonderful and fun weekend.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Jackie said...

It sounds like everything is coming together wonderfully in the new kitchen! What are you going to bake for CR first?

So sorry the chemo flu has hit you hard. Hoping you'll feel much better in the morning!

Sweet Tea said...

Your kitchen is coming together so nicely!! You're gonna enjoy it so much. . .Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. I pray that good days are ahead for you and CR.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Hang in there, it must be so hard for you two to have to wait with no answers. I hope next week is easier and that there are no surprises with the remodel. You are in my prayers.

Jennifer said...

Hopefully you will be feeling better tomorrow.......after all, tomorrow is another day! Sending good thoughts to CR too. Oh my, isn't your new kitchen coming along so beautifully!

Joanna Jenkins said...