Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recent Projects

Last week was crazy busy with appointments, but that doesn't mean I didn't have time to embroider.  I had purchased this adorable kit for a small table runner from Bird Brain Designs and before we left I transferred the patterns to my muslin and actually finished all three while we were gone.  The pattern is called Three Christmas Friends:

I also did some blanket stitching for a new kitchen project.  When we had to have our electrical re-done and a new breaker box put in, the box was larger than what we had.  So what to do to cover the unsightly box??  Cliff suggested a wall hanging to hide it.  I remembered this cute pattern I had for a pie wall hanging, but I didn't want the wall hanging to be as wide as what the pattern called for, so I only made part of it.  Here are the Pie, Peach Pie and Apple Pie blocks that will make up the wall hanging:

They'll be sashed with the wild blue and green fabric with white in the cornerstones and then bordered with the green check material:

And this is what they will cover up:

In newer homes the box is usually in the attached garage, but we don't have an attached garage and this home is 70+ years old, so cover it we must!!

When I did some fabric shopping to celebrate my good news, I found this fabric that I plan to make into a cover for my big Kitchen Aid Mixer:

The top fabric with the design will be the main part and then the solid green will be the ends and the binding.  I think it should look really good.

So as you can see I've been busy and enjoying my embroidery.  The weather here has cooled off into the 80's, which I think is perfect weather.  Today we even have a slight breeze which is wonderful.  I cleaned house yesterday, so today I need to go out to the 5th wheel and do the same.  Cleaning is such a thankless job, you do it and then a few hours later it seems to need it all over again.

My 1st treatment is this Friday and I'm not looking forward to it, but I will do it and then only 2 to go.  I have next week off from it due to the PA being gone, and then do it for the following 2 weeks and be DONE!!  Good thing I have next week off, the counter top people tell me that Tuesday, Aug. 26 is the tentative date for counter tops and a sink - finally.  Then Wednesday the plumber will come in and hook everything back up.  Then Friday the tile people have us scheduled for the travertine tile install.  Almost done, and I'll be so happy to check that off the list of things we need to do.  Also this weekend CR and our friend Ken will be installing my new stove vent.  I haven't had one all these years and I'm excited to finally have one for when I cook, it will be awesome.

Happy Stitches and Hugs,


Candace said...

More cute stitcheries, Tammy! Love the way you're covering up the electrical, too! In my kitchen it would remind Mr. Squash to ask me to make pie constantly - wink*. Soon it will be all done - thank goodness, huh! Maybe we should celebrate next year and go to the Buggy Barn outdoor quilt show!

Jennifer said...

Good idea to cover the electrical box, and I love the blocks! Your Christmas embroideries are so cute, too. Wow - you won't know yourself with that new kitchen, it will be like an early Christmas present!

Judy said...

What neat stitching that you've been doing! That's a great idea to cover the electrical box up like that. I've done the same thing in our kitchen as we have this unsightly phone jack right in the middle of the wall (in the middle, really?) so now it's covered with a quilt :-) I hope that your treatments go well and I'm so glad to hear that you're almost done. How's your knee doing?
Take care,

Prairie Stitcher said...

You've been working hard. I feel like, if I slow down, I may not get started again. You too? We know it's true. I like Candace's idea a lot....a change is as good as a rest...a quilt show is as good as a rest. Yesireeeeeee. Have fun. And prayers for your dear husband.